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Article by Paulo :v on April 18, 2019
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- Reversing an Ultimate Evolution is now called Devolution. (just a name change, no functionality change)

- Assist Evolution forms can now be devolved the same way devolving an Ultimate Evolution. (Note: unit must not be assisting to be devolved)

Note: Devolving an Assist unit keeps the level.

- buffed from 5% to 7%.

- buffed from 10% to 15%.

- Monster Search functionality improvements. You can now search the name of the base form of a unit to find an assist unit, and you can search for collaboration units by searching the collaboration name.

- Play History screen has been improved.

- Addition of Clear History to the Play History screen. This screen will show the last 10 dungeons you have cleared.

- Clearing the tutorial will now award you 50 stones. Note that this is only for brand new clears, and anyone who has already cleared the tutorial is not eligible.
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By Guest 1 year ago ( 18.1.0 ) 
is it just me or i cant see what got buffed is just an image of a folded paper with a cloud and a hill
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