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Article by Paulo :v on April 7, 2019
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- when activated will remove locked skyfall orb debuffs. The awake gains a new animation as well.

- buffed from +5% -> +10% RCV
- buffed from +15% -> +30% RCV
- buffed from +1.5% HP / +1% ATK / +5% RCV -> 3% HP / 2% ATK / 20% RCV

- Enhancement menu will now show the amount of Super Noels you own

- When Limit Breaking a unit in the Enhancement menu, it will now show you the stats that it will gain for Limit Breaking.

- Users will now be able to toggle hiding the top part of the UI during the ranking screen.



- There is now colorblind support for orb skins.

Valk orb skin example:
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