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Article by Paulo :v on October 26, 2018
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- New updated icon for the app.

Dungeon Menu Renewal:
- Order of dungeons from top left to bottom right:
> Special, Multiplayer
> Quest, Ranking
> Technical, Normal

- Normals and Technicals will have their dungeons grouped by difficutlies, like shown:

- When checking on a dungeon, the floors available will now show drop list:

= +? at the end of the drop list indicates duplicates
= low rarity drops will show "Rare" on it.
= Since the list contains the drops, it may not contain things that are in the dungeon.

Team Menu Renewal:

- Assists will now be shown directly under the unit:

- When you press on "Cost", the teams overall stats will be shown:
Highlighted in order shown:
> Total Cost, Total HP
> Total ATK, Total RCV

- As well as overall info, there will be a screen for full information which shows Leader Skill, total Cost, total HP,, total RCV, the individual ATK of every attribute, and number of every awakening present on the team
*Note: Latent Awakenings are not shown.

Orb Skins:
- At the bottom of the Team menu is a new option which allows you to change the Orb's design.

Current skins available for unlock:
- Normal Orbs
- Fancy Orbs (PADW orbs)
- Valkyrie Orbs
- Zeus Orbs
- Athena Orbs
*Note: info about the Valk Zeus and Athena orbs can be found in the other news post.
*Note2: Currently Colorblind mode isn't supported for these new orbs.

*Note: During Multiplayer, the host gets priority of what orb types will be used.
*Note: you can disable host priority in the options: (Other -> Options -> Dungeon -> Share orb [Default ON])

- You will now be able to choose a Helper from your own units.
The blue button on the top right allows you to enter a dungeon with your own unit as a lead, so you don't need to rely on friends.

- Unit has to be a separate unit not currently on your team, as well as not currently being used as an assist.
- Monsters that can stack (Evo mats) can not be used as Helpers.
- You can choose a different Helper for each team you have.

- When you enter dungeons, you will see yourself as Helper.
- To change Helpers, press the dark brown button on your blue helper icon to change your helper. (the white text area shown below)

- New Dungeons added:
Machine Noah Descended. (Stats shown in stream news post)
99 stamina, 10 floors, Annihilation difficulty.

Training Arena (No Continue):
New normal dungeon, unlocked after clearing Legendary Earth.
99 stamina, 15 floors, with many drops (as shown below).

- Minimum Team cost increased from 100 -> 300. (for low levels)

- Quest menu renamed to Achievement (name only)

- Small adjustments to dungeons:
= Unlock requirement for certain dungeons adjusted
= Rules for certain Technical dungeons changed:
Tower of Blazing Fire : No RCV / Fire attribute Enhanced
Tower of Ice Water : No RCV / Water attribute Enhanced
Tower of Windy Woods : No RCV / Wood attribute Enhanced
Forbidden Tower : No Awakenings (previously No Leader Skill)

- Coin Dungeons and Challenge mode removed

- misc bug fixes.
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By Taoyao 8 months ago ( 15.3.0 ) 
These are really huge changes...Looks like the normal/technical dungeons can be cleared again for stones...?
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