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Article by Paulo :v on June 8, 2018
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From Murako and Instagram on 6/8:

New units:

Wedding Rushana: (8*)
Active: Recover 40% of Max HP. Change top row to Wood.
LSkill: [7x6] Increase orb movement time by 5 seconds. 2.5x ATK for each each Water, Wood or Light cross matched.

Wedding Raijin: (8*)
Active: No skyfalls for 1 turn. Remove orb locks. Change all orbs to Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark & Heal.
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 6x ATK for Attacker. 4x ATK when attacking with 5 attributes (4+Heal).


New Ult:

Wedding Scheat:
LSkill: 1.5x HP & 3x ATK for God & Machine. 2.5x ATK when 2 Light combos matched, 3.5x when 3+ Light combos matched.
Super Awakes:





Active buffed from 16 max cd -> 11 max cd

Limit Break and Super Awakes:


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By misticspea 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
She isn't good in this form because she lost a Follow Up Attack.
misticspea 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
The only good thing about the new Rushana is the art.
Placky 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
She is fantastic - she has VPD and makes the board 7x6. Perfect sub for her other self with a Li/Macha swap.
Tim in reply to Placky 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
yea but then u lose the 5 seconds for the noobs, and her attack isen't very high tbh. only 1 7c and a vpd. Honestly the starter new dragon packs alot more of a punch.. I agree with the first guy, losing the FUA and the mix max of awokes n leader skill n stats, i dont really like this card. If you had matcha or li, why not just swap in 2 regular rushanas? get more hp more multiplier. crappy active too really
Last edited by Tim 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 )
nathan@N17 in reply to Tim 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Once you swap and have dual og rushana on 7x6, a couple of crosses and a 9x9 will be more than enough. I swear you guys get so vanilla and unimaginative when it comes to this stuff
By Chii 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Wedding scheat breaking the tpa meme again for the now possible 7 tpas between SA and inherit.
Fridgeboy 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
With 7 tpa and up you should get a new animation on attack like the 10c awakening lol
By Fridgeboy 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Can't wait to get my hands on Wedding Rushana....
Dk.General 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Me neither giggity.
By Ozoune 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Kinda sad Bride Eschamali didn't get some other buff other than limit break and SA, but it's understandable.
Xavon 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
I'll take giving her Bind Immune
By Skyver4me 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
wow that persephone skill cd buff tho

less time to stall for her active now, noice
By Vaedriel 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
OMG! I want Wedding Raijin!!! Perfect sub for her own team and BEAUTIFUL art too!
Last edited by Vaedriel 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 )
By xiusk 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Rushana: great sub first 6* base, green co-op enabled VDP card that isn't bad-Zela. Leaderskill is solid choice but I can't help feeling Shazel's 3Xrcv is preferable to 5 seconds orb move time before the swap. Very strong either way.

Raijin: She feels weak but I want to say she's strong. has FUA and blue can be a difficult attribute to cover in a rainbow team. However she also has a combination of 7c & tpa which is unappealing and i can't think of a team I would want her unless i needed that FUA, since rikuu needs dragons and riche & p3M are already blue...

Scheat: 4 orbs, 17X dmg, lulz ensue
By morrow 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
I have to admit, I want Rushana for for the artwork alone.

However... I feel very uneasy that every new unit is an 8* and that only one monster less than 6* got a buff. This a bad trend gungho is getting on...
By Dragonborn 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
I've just noticed this but... We still don't have a REM version of Zeus yet. Not even a collab version. We should. Or at least a collab version of Zeus&Hera.
By KziVan101 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Sorry to said but what happen to final fantasy and fist of the north star
By Guest 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
i would patiently my satsuki get upgrade like her wedding verison
By Kaz 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Last edited by Kaz 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 )
By Kaz 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Last edited by Kaz 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 )
By Kaz 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Must be a l-e-s-b-i-a-n wedding with only girls
Timm@OA 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
Except the two guys, Akechi and Gladius.
By secret 1 year ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
These monsters suck more than my first wife.
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