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Article by Paulo :v on May 27, 2018
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Officially revealed during GungHo-fest 2018, new functions and new systems have been added to the game (after the v15.0 patch).

A new menu has been added to the Monster section, between 'Evolution/Ultimate Evolution' and 'Manage Assists', named 'Monster Enhance', where specialized card additions can be made. Power-Up Fusion can still be used as normal.

*Note: Additions made to cards in the specialized tabs do not add toward the 'Fusion Total Count' sort.

1. Skill Up Fusion:

- This menu will automatically show all cards that can be skilled up.

- Cards that have available skill-ups will be highlighted, while cards that currently do not have a card that can be used to gain a skill up will be grayed out. *If you have a rainbow py, everything will be lit up.

- Here is an example shown: skilling up Zeus-Dios. Pressing the highlighted button will only show cards that sell for less than 3,000 Monster Points.

2. Plus Bank and Plus Enhance tab:

Plus Bank:

- The Plus egg system has been updated to the Plus Point system. Your total plusses will now show up in the Plus Enhance and Super Awakening tabs.

*Note: Plusses on Tamadras will be refunded and sent to you via mail.

- After the Plus Bank is implemented, you can add to your Plus Bank by selling plussed units, however you will no longer gain extra coins from selling plus eggs.

- Dungeon drop plusses will now be sent directly to the Plus Bank. They will also be displayed on the results screen, showing as 'newly gained plusses/total plusses'.

Plus Enhance: (Menu 2)

- Plusses from the bank can be allocated to any stat. Plusses added by this tab will only cost coins to add to units. You will be able to allocate as you choose, but once you confirm you will not be able to deduct plusses from units.

3. Awakenings:

- You can allocate awakenings by choosing a unit and choosing up to which awakening you want to allocate to (in order). Awakenings added this way will not cost any Coins.

*Note: King Tamadras still need to be fed by Power-Up Fusion.

4. Latent Awakenings:

- After choosing a unit, you will be able to assign Latent Awakenings from your available stocks.

5. Limit Break:

- After choosing a unit, you will be able to choose a Super Snow Globe to feed to a unit that can Limit Break.

6. Super Awakenings:

- Only units that have or can gain Super Awakenings will be highlighted. Units that already have Super Awakenings will show their current Super Awakening.

- Units selected here will show you the amount of plusses required before a Super Awake reroll and the amount of coins required to add that many plusses.


Evolution Material changes: Evolution Stones* (*Temporary unofficial name)

- Ultimate Evolutions that required dungeon bosses will now require Evolutions Stones*. Evolution Stones* come in four types: Small, Medium, Large and Unique*.

Shown are a Large and a Unique stone.

- You will be able to trade bosses for Evolution Stones in the Trading Post.

- Evolution Stones are tradeable if the boss they're from is tradeable.

- Alternatively, you can press on the Evolution Stone* that you need (example: the Large Dark stone shown in the Okuninushi Awoken Evolution) and it will show you what units can be exchanged for said stone. Hitting 'Yes' will take you directly to the Trading Post trade for that specific stone.


- Awoken Materials now stack (Latents, Tamadras, etc).

- You will no longer be able to evolve Baby Tamadras to Tamadras, but you will now be able to exchange two baby Tamadras for one Tamadra in the Trading Post.


Other changes:

Due to the addition of Evolution Stones*, these changes will be implemented to the 'Evolution' tab of the Trading Post:

- You will only need to exchange two units instead of three per trade for Evolution materials (that are not Evolution Stone* trades).

The following units have been removed from the 'Evolution' tab of the Trading Post:

- Rainbow Keeper
- Gold Keeper
- Dragon Fruit
- Red/Blue/Green Dragon Fruit
- Mystic Mask
- Ancient Blue/Green Sacred Mask
- Fire/Water/Wood/Light/Dark Jewels
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By Anode 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
I don't even have to words to express how amazing this update is...
especially the evolution stone thing, now I no longer have to hunt down specific descendant monsters for evolution anymore!
Skyver4me 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
yeah, but while it surely makes everything easier and comfortable, its kinda sad that you wont be able to see some unique part of their awoken evo mat in their awoken art anymore
like noah's rainbow in lakshmi and freyr art, or zrus vulcan's sword in minerva
tho most of that are gone in their reincarnated form

maybe with that the artist can have broader ways when creating new evo arts
Last edited by Skyver4me 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 )
AUO in reply to Skyver4me 8 months ago ( 14.1.0 ) 
I don't think that's going away completely. While "Large" tier stones have one type for each element as shown above. It seems like "Unique" tier stones will have one type for each dungeon boss. Therefore, I assume some monsters will effectively be keeping the current system(with the added step of trading in your bosses for unique stones).

After all, some evos just wouldn't make sense if you used generic stones for them. Examples: Ana and Ace armor evolutions, King Mastering, etc.
By ! MJ i 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
God bless the Tamadra exchange
By Mr Wiggles 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
They finally implemented a + egg piggy bank, now I don’t have to do it myself with a Baddie (HP), Blood Devil (ATK), and Purple Carbuncle (RCV) :P
By Vaedriel 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
If the evo stones are taking the place of boss drops for evos, what happens to all the Pantheon Awakening Material Dungeons and Rushes?
By Chaos A.D 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
Too much excitement here. PADx thanks for listing LTD again. Much better than how Gungho does it. Most importantly who has 3 Undine laying around let alone max evolved and leveled.
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