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Article by Paulo :v on May 25, 2018
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From Murako on 5/25:

New Units added to the REM:

Ippo Makunouchi:
Active: 5 turn Awoken bind recovery. Change Dark, Jammer & Poison to Fire.
LSkill: 2x HP & ATK Fire. 2x RCV when 4 connected Hearts are matched. ATK increase when 6+ combos are matched, up to 5x ATK.

Ichiro Miyata:
Active: Massive Water counterattack for 1 turn. Recover 50% of max HP & 3x ATK for Water.
LSkill: 2x HP & 4x ATK Water. Massive Water atttribute counterattack when damage is taken.

Active: Slightly increase Light skyfalls for 3 turns. +1 combo for 1 turn.
LSkill: ATK increase when 4+ combos are matched, up to 14x ATK. 50% damage reduction when 5 attributes are matched.

Xu Fang:
Active: Reduce enemies' defense to 0 for 1 turn. Change bottom row to Wood.
LSkill: 1.5x All stats for Balanced. 3.5x ATK when 6+ connected Wood are matched.

New MP shop unit:

Mamoru Takamura: (100k MP)
Active: Inflict 20x ATK of team's total HP. Change right column to Fire.
LSkill: Reduce team RCV by half, but 3.5x ATK for all units. 2x HP & ATK for Fire.

New Dungeon mob Equip Evo:

Active; Recover 30% of max HP, 3 turn bind recovery & increase orb movement time by 3x for 1 turn.


New cards announced during GungHo-Fest 2018, as well as a post with buffs.

Zatch Bell units added to collab:

Gash Bell and Kiyo Takamine: (6* base)
Active: Change bottom row to Light. Lock Light orbs.
LSkill: 1.5x all stat for Light. 2x ATK on skill use. 4x ATK and slight damage reduction when matching 6+ connected Light orbs.

Brago and Sherry:
Active: Increase Dark skyfalls for 1 turn. Delays enemies' next move for 2 turns.
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 2x HP & ATK for Dark. 2.5x ATK when 2+ Dark combos are matched.

Zeon and Dufort:
Active: Change left column to Light, right column to Jammer. Increase Light & Jammer skyfalls for 3 turns.
LSkill: 1.5x HP & ATK for Light. 3.5x ATK when attacking with 5+ connected Light or Jammer.



Active max cd 13 -> 10

Active: gain "Remove orb locks". Max cd 16 -> 10
LSkill: 2.5x -> 4x ATK when 5+ combos matched
Super Awakes:

LSkill: 2.5x -> 3x ATK Dark.
Super Awakes:

LSkill: 3x -> 4x ATK when 2 Heart combos, 6x -> 7x 3+ heart combos.
Super Awakes:

LSkill: 3x -> 4x ATK Wood.
Super Awakes:

LSkill: 6x -> 8x ATK on 4 attribute match.
Super Awakes:



Evo Mats:
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By Petarr 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Ippo!!! Saving for sentimental pulls. :P
By secret 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Inflict 20x atk of team's total HP? That sounds like it could be fairly useful as an assist for certain leaders.
BreaKBeatZ 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
It's MP shop, so probably can't assist.
phx in reply to BreaKBeatZ 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
All the pillar monsters in MP shop are equippable, welcome to the world of equips and dragons!
moocow 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
That's what I was thinking. The 6* 3x stat dungeons just got easier. It's possible to exceed 400000 hp with dual 2x hp leads. 8 million damage from one skill is really nice.
By sgt502 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Holy s*** Chinmi...

50% shield just from matching all attributes is kinda broken. Skill charge and guard break subs rejoice!
Flex! 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
With two leaders that's Myr's 75% which is ridiculous, as is that damage multiplier (x196?!), although what "up to" means in this case is anyone's guess.

Healing the damage you do take will be a real pain, but 75% damage reduction on a rainbow combo lead, wow.
sgt502 in reply to Flex! 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Yes. If you want to stall to skill charge any of your subs, just match five attributes and back out on combo (RNG dependant) but as long as you match five attributes, hardly any enemies will be able to killer you.

For healing, Mel with Puu assist is incredible. Seeing most attacker doesn't have plenty of HP to begin with, it's easy to heal to full with heart TPA.
By Nephilim 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Wait is that an unbindable on an inheritable awakening?!?!?
samperson1 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I think it's the 50% one, but i guess it's still nice.
Alexia@LL 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
50%, the only full unbindable equip is 750K MP Mut.
By Mr Wiggles 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Xu Fang? I think you mean Eleven! STRANGER THINGS COLLAB CONFIRMED
By misticspea 9 months ago ( 14.0.0 ) 
Zeon and Dufort?Zigaaaaaa!
By misticspea 9 months ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Now there's this list of monsters:
Ult DAth(4296)
Revo Archfiend Lucifer(3508)
Vajrayaksa Ult & Awoken(4253&54)
Vajrabhairava Ult & Awoken(4255&56)
This follows the rule that Blue monsters get evos last.Kundali still hasnt got ults though it will be 4249 ult and 4250 awoken.
Revo Archangel Uriel,Gabriel,Michael,Rapahael(4261,62,63,64)
Revo Archangel Lucifer will probably be 4265.
Revo Archfiend Belial,Amon,Baal(4266,67,68)
Astaroth is already got a Revo for some reason,no 3507.That's why Lucifer is 3508.
Revo Krishna and Sarasvati(4269&70)
Vishnu will be 4271.Just got Awoken Vishnu though.
King Tyrannos,Plesios,and Brachios(4425,26,27)
Ult-to-ult-to-ult Myr(4428) following the rule that she gets younger each evo.
Ult Inahime and Oichi(4448 and 4450).Tachibana is 4451 so 4452 will be Nohime.
Awoken Ma Chao and Diaocghan(4582&83)
I guess that Xiahou Dun 4580 and Sima Yi 4584 will be next as the rule that Blue monsters get the last evo before Gan Ning 4581 comes in.
Ult Yog(4585,4586)
Guess:Ult Cthugha 4583,4584 next.
Jewel Stone list:
Small,Medium,and Large Fire Stone
Small,Medium,and Large Water Stone
Small,Medium,and Large Wood Stone
Small,Medium,and Large Light Stone
Small,Medium,and Large Dark Stone
Ult Zeus Vulcan's STone,Ult Zeus Mercury's Stone,Ult Zeus Dios's Stone,Ult Light Zeus's Stone,Ult Dark Zeus's Stone
Ult Hera Ur's Stone,Ult Hera Is's Stone,Ult Hera Beorc's Stone,Utl Hera Sowilo's Stone,Ult Hera's Stone
Ult Goemon's Stone,Ult Noah's Stone,Ult Gaia's Stone,Ult Athena's Stone,Ult LIzanami's Stone,Ult Beelzebub's Stone,Ult DIzanami's Stone
Lifive's Stone,Ilsix's Stone,Sevenzard's Stone,Fagan's sTone,Deightros's Stone,DFagan' Stone,Ninegaruda's Stone
Valten's Stone,Elevendon(?)'s Stone,Lootwelve(?)'s Stone
Gainaut's Stone,Volsung's Stone,Linthia's Stone,Nordis's Stone,Zaerog Infinity's Stone
Hephaestus Dragon's Stone,Noah Dragon's Stone,Gaia Dragon's Stone,Zeus Dragon's sTone,Hera Dragon's Stone
Diara's Stone,Grato's Stone,Wallace's Stone,Amnell's Stone,Ena's Stone
Ace's STone,Ana's Stone
Flare Drall's Stone,Megalodran's Stone,Fartoytops's Stone,Angelion's Stone,Drawn Joker's Stone
Revo Homura's Stone,Revo Kamui's Stone,Revo Zeal's Stone,Revo Verche's Stone,Revo Voice's Stone
Liberty Geist's Stone,Khepri's Stone,Star Justice's Stone,Cosmo Crusader's Stone,Serket's Stone
Agni's Stone,Mion's Stone,Ras's Stone,Enoch's Stone,Kuramitsuha's Stone,Azazel's Stone
Gigas the Great's Stone,Buster Sigfried's Stone,Ignis Cu Chulainn's Stone,Valkrie Rose's STone,Vampire Duke's Stone(Both)
Boma's Stone,Zapan's Stone,Bute's Stone,Kira's Stone,Mowa's Stone
Manticore's Tone,Bigfoor's Stone,Shiro Kajiru's Stone,Aamitr's Stone
Red Zaerog's Stone,Blue Zaerog's Stone
Mastering's Stone
Mythril Edge's Stone,Folklore's Stone,Starling's Stone,Kotodama's Stone,Swallowtail's Stone,Nobunaga's Stone
Ras's Stone
Ult Kaguya's Stone
Titanta's Stone
Canopus's Stone,Hadar's Stone
Jormungandr's Stone
Hanuman's Stone
Kapibara-san's Stone
Gunma's Stone
Sandalphon's STone
Machine Zeis's Stone,Machine Hera's Stone
Sherospada's Stone,Hysferzen's Stone
Sonia Gran's Stone,Sonia Gran Reverse's Stone
Elia's Stone,Grisar's STone
Demonius's Stone
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