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Article by Paulo :v on May 17, 2018
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From Murako and YouTube on 5/1:

Ult Trailokyavijaya:
LSkill: [No skyfall] 1.5x HP & 2.5x ATK for Fire. 6x ATK & RCV when 8+ combos are matched; 7x ATK & RCV when 9+ combos are matched.

Awoken Trailokyavijaya:
Active: 10% max HP Gravity. Change all orbs to Fire, Light & Dark.
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 1.5x HP & 2x ATK Fire. 7x ATK & slight damage reduction when 8+ combos achieved.

Ult Acala:
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 1.5x all stat Wood. 3.5x ATK per Fire or Wood cross matched.

Awoken Acala:
Active: +2 combos for 1 turn. Change the 2nd bottom row to Wood.
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 1.5x HP & ATK Wood. 4x ATK per Wood cross matched.

Ult Tachibana:
Active: same as base.
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 5x ATK and slight damage reduction when Fire, Water, Wood & Light matched. 4x ATK when there are 6 or less orbs on the board.


Evo mats:


From Murako on 5/14:

New Descended:

White Whale: (can Assist)
Active: Spawn 9 Hearts from non-Light.
LSkill: [No Skyfall] 3x ATK when exactly 6 combos are matched. Up to 8x ATK when 6+ connected Heart are matched.


From Murako on 5/16:

New GFE:

Riche: (7* Base)
Active: Unlock board and then change it to all attributes & Heart. Void Damage Absorption and Attribute Absorption for 1 turn.
LSkill: 3x ATK when attacking with 3+ attributes (2+Heart). 4x ATK and slight damage reduction when matching 4+ connected Water.

Alternate Form:
LSkill: 4x ATK and slight damage reduction when 7+ combos matched. 4x ATK when 4+ attribute matched. Increase orb movement time by 2 seconds.

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By Skyver4me 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 

Melons everywhere
By kandjar 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Can we ask GH Japan to change Acala's awoken Art to be the Ult one instead?
Domo 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
is that actually a thing bc gungho did acala dirty with that awoken evo
Reconik 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I mean, the reincarnation will likely go back to her normal style. But that's a while to wait and until then this is a bit of a strange transition for her. Probably some reference behind it I don't understand.
By Fridgeboy 18 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I like Tachibana's art, I really like it when the artist incorporates real world physics. I mean.... You can actually see why she is bent forward like that
By Vaedriel 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Tachi. Um, I'm not going to trade 1 SB, 1 TE, 1 Blind block and 1 Jammer block for Unbindable. Sorry.
Reddbeard 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
This is a split ult from base form. You aren't trading anything, really. This one is a lead whereas original ult is a dank sub.
By Burned Fry 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I dont think im gonna exchange acala's unbindable awakenings to just get a s**tload of fingers. ill just use yuna for that
By secret 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Tachibana becomes a 7x6 leader with a shield and 20x attack by herself.
God tier leaderskill.
paul 19 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I do not see the 7x6 board part
secret in reply to paul 18 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Bugger. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
By mtb911@PF 18 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
So with 2 Verse and a Nyx you don't technically NEED Trailo...but trading 20% true Gravity vs 10% and board change might be a hard sell for me...benefits?
Dragonborn 17 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Hardly any, button teams are very niche, and atm she fits one of those roles. Unless you were willing to spend MP on Glauca, which also requires more stalling...

I was honestly hoping more out of Trailo when she finally got an evo.
By nillok2 18 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
wow the only males in the pantheon got gipped.
drew9348 18 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Not necessarily...they'll probably get ults in a few weeks or so. Same thing happened with the Dragonbound GFEs (Gadius and Typhon got their ults first, and the other three were later)
Last edited by drew9348 18 days ago ( 13.0.1 )
By bub 17 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Awoken Trailo is going to be a great sub in co-op with those awakenings. Double multiplayerboost, 7 combo, 2 prong, and generally useful active. With the multi boost she gets over 10k hp and 5k atk when 297.
Fridgeboy 15 days ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I'm going to give her the yang equip so she can have 3 multi boost. There's no kill like OVERKILL

With the 3rd multi boost from the yang twins equip
17,020 HP, 8,599 atk, 1046 Rcv.

8,599atk+TPA+7c = 25,797 atk!
Last edited by Fridgeboy 15 days ago ( 13.0.1 )
By sgt502 on 5/17/2018 ( 13.0.1 ) 
Does anybody bothers to call her by her own name instead of her family name?
Last edited by sgt502 on 5/17/2018 ( 13.0.1 )
By Nightmares on 5/17/2018 ( 13.0.1 ) 
omg i want Riche
By Mr Wiggles on 5/17/2018 ( 13.0.1 ) 
No wonder it was so hard to find the White Whale, it was right under the ship the whole time!
By Guest on 5/18/2018 ( 13.0.1 ) 
soooo, which version of riche would be the better lead/sub
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