This is a news for Japanese version
Article by Paulo :v on February 21, 2018

From the 6th Anniversary Stream, News Part 2:

60 Units that can now Limit Break and have Super Awakenings:

Elementals, Ripper Dragons, Late Bloomers, Super Ult Sakuya, Scarlet, Super Ult
UY, Super Ult Kush, Puppets, Avalon, Orpharion, Legendary Heroes, Apocalypse, Myr, Reincarnated Indians1, Reincarnated Egyptians1, Reincarnated Japanese1, Reincarnated Chinese, Reincarnated Japanese2 (except Okuni), Despharion, Cosmic Trinity and Ragnarok.

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By Silveus 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
I read that list of things getting super awakenings, and was like, "What are the Rippers?"

Man... I've been playing this game so long that i'm starting to forget the beginning of it.
Dragonborn 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
You and me both.
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