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Article by Paulo :v on February 21, 2018

From the 6th Anniversary Stream, News Part 1:

Future Updates coming soon:

- Cards will now gain exp when dungeons are completed.


- Defeating a mob with the same skill as one of your team's unit's will have a chance to skill up the unit. In this example Dark Kali is getting a skill up from clearing Arena 1.


- Evo materials will stack. Unconfirmed whether this will save a lot of box space, but it seems like it will.


- Monster Exchange: Trade in things for materials you may need, e.g. Mk3 Golems for a Keeper, Noel Dragons for a Super Noel, etc.

-- The categories of tabs shown in order are: Evo Materials, Rare Evo Materials, Enhance Materials, and Event.


- New + bank system and a different way to allocate +s. It seems like you can add and remove as you please until you confirm, and then it's final.


MP Shop Units:

- Yog won the vote to be added as an MP unit, it will be available at 1,000,000 MP from 2/22 (Thurs) 12pm – 2/28 (Wed) 11:59pm JST. (Other regions will probably get this as well at different dates/events, or possibly their own voting.)

New MP units coming to the MP Shop. All 3 cost 750k MP each.

Active: Randomly spawn 3 Fire orbs.
LSkill: [No skyfall] 10x ATK when exactly 7 combos are matched. 10x ATK when there are 3 or less orbs remain on the board after matching.

Assist Evo + Mats:

Active: No skyfalls for 1 turn. Change Wood to Water.
LSkill: 3x ATK for each Water cross matched. 5x ATK and slight damage reduction when 6+ connected Dark are matched.

Assist Evo + Mats:

Active: Change top row to Wood.
LSkill: 3x ATK & slight damage reduction when 6+ connected Wood orbs are matched. 3x ATK when 2 combos of Light are matched, 7x ATK when 3+ combos matched.

Assist Evo + Mats:


New Units added to Dragon Bound/Caller REM:

Praline: 5* base
Active: Change Water to Light, & Dark to Heart. 1.5x RCV for 4 turns.
LSkill: 3x ATK for Dragon & Healer. 2x ATK and slight damage reduction when a Heart cross is matched.

Destel: 6* base
Active: Greatly reduce damage taken (75%) for 3 turns. 2x ATK for Dragon and Devil for 3 turns.
LSkill: 4x ATK and slight damage reduction when 7+ combos are matched. 3x ATK when 5+ connected Water are matched.

Lajoie? Rajoa? (name translation pending official NA release) 7* base
Active: Change all orbs to Dark and Heart orbs. Recover 40% of max HP, 4 turn bind recovery. (both forms)

Base form LSkill: Increase ATK when 4+ connected Dark orbs are matched, up to 30x ATK (at 30 orbs). Reduce damage taken by half at full HP.

Alt form LSkill: 2x HP & 5x ATK for Dragon & Devil. Increase ATK when 5+ connected Dark are matched, up to 2x ATK.

Evo mats:

: +600 HP / +200 ATK / +290 RCV
: +1100 HP / + 300 ATK / +70 RCV

All Units that were in the REM before, as well as Balidoora and Myne, can now Limit Break and have Super Awakenings (Except Weld and Rathios, who are Assist Evos). (list of super awakes is being worked on, post will be updated)
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By Y$era@PADX 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
I can't wait to see Vegeta's face when double Amun procs
By secret 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
I need a mathemagician!

If Amun can reach 100x by himself, how high can the multiplier from two Amuns get?
krieg4lyfe 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
It reaches up to 10,000 multiplier with both leads which is f*ing insane.
But the real prize from the new 750k Mp cards is the water assist. Dude having full bind immunity is insane. That card will push good bindable leaders into SS tiers like Julie, blue hunter, and even meri. That card is gonna push a lot of teams ahead of the game.
Last edited by krieg4lyfe 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 )
Jarfield in reply to krieg4lyfe 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
That's a really good point. I love the blues.
By Silveus 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
Pretty sure i'm buying Yog. Pretty sure.
By Mr Wiggles 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
Xavon 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
Forget that. 750K MP No Bind equipment equipment hype.
Dragonborn 1 year ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
This is gonna save me so much hassle with trying to save box space. Now, I can just run the dungeon as many times as I want to and it's money in the bank. I hope they eventually do this for enhance mats too. lol
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