6 ★
MP 10 Cost 25
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Switch places with leader card. Use again to switch back.
CD: 23 Turns ( 6 Turns at Lv.18 )
This card cannot be used as assist.
Water attribute cards ATK x5 when HP is less than 5%.
Same Skill
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
Mystic Dragon Series
Drop Locations for #783
This card can be obtained by:
Seraphis Descended!
Deus ex Machina Descended!
Extreme Dragon Rush!
'20 January Quest Dungeon-Expert
October Quest Dungeon
September Quest Dungeon
Machine Challenge!-Mythical
Light Challenge!
February Quest Dungeon
December Quest Dungeon
May Quest Dungeon
April Quest Dungeon
'19 August Quest Dungeon-Int
'19 June Quest Dungeon-Expert
'19 July Quest Dungeon-Expert
'19 October Quest Dungeon-Expert
March Quest Dungeons
Descended Quest! 2014~2015
April Quest Dungeon
Machine Quest Challenge!
June Quest Dungeon
'19 June Quest Dungeon-Expert
'19 September Quest Dungeon-Expert
July Quest Dungeon-Expert
Descended Quest! 2016~2017
Machine Quest Challenge!
Descended Challenge! 34
Descended Challenge! 30
Descended Challenge! 29
Descended Challenge! 24
Descended Challenge! 23
Descended Challenge! 25
Descended Challenge! 19
Descended Challenge! 18
Descended Challenge! 16
Descended Challenge! 12
Descended Challenge! 10
Descended Challenge! 8
Descended Challenge! 7
Water & Dark Armored Dragons
Multiplayer! Machine Challenge!
One-Shot Challenge! 16
Mystic Dragon Historic Site
Gainaut Descended!
Machine Athena Descended!
Linthia Descended!
Ancient Fire & Lake Dragons
Other tiers of this card can be obtained from:
Multiplayer Cataclysmic Dragon Rush!
'20 February Quest Dungeon-Expert
One-Shot Challenge! 19
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By Carter 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
My most favorite mech dragon ever,the reason:

Its design is simply ''perfect''.
Its wings reminds me of the Antikythera mechanism.
Hero 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
I agree, best looking dragon in PAD.
Carter in reply to Hero 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
I have him,i manage to obtain him in the dragon rush dungeon a long time ago.I was lucky to have him....
Hero in reply to Carter 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
nice, cant wait to add him to my collection!
Carter in reply to Hero 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Is adding monsters to the collection ok?I do have some favorite dragons to added yet.
By legion 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Apparently you can skill up during ultimate evolution (just happened to me). Therefore you might want to wait for 2x skill up event to uevo this card.
Silveus 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
I can confirm this, i just ulti evoed mine, and got two skill ups. the skill ups carry over into the final form.
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