Dragon / Physical
6 ★
MP 1 Cost 30
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Change Fire orbs to Heart orbs.
CD: 11 Turns ( 5 Turns at Lv.7 )
This card can be used as assist.
50% Water & Fire damage reduction.
Same Skill
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +270 ATK +48 RCV +66 ( Max Lv )
HP +369 ATK +73 RCV +111 ( Max Lv & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
Toy Dragon Series
Drop Locations for #758
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Megalodran
Other tiers of this card can be obtained from:
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By Chaytel 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Good RCV, good HP. Leader skill trivializes Mono-Red and Blue, and remains very good in Tricolor dungeons. Active skill is both powerful and easy to max, typing and color makes him an outstanding sub for Siegfried teams, and he's even cool looking on top of it all. If his mediocre awakenings were any better, he'd be almost too good.

The fact that he's a water that cuts fire damage is one of his nicest traits. Pair him with a Hermes friend to shore up damage and he can run great mono-blue teams for red dungeons.

Honestly, I think he may be the best of the Toy Dragons, tied possibly with Drawn Joker.
Ea in reply to Kinglink 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Physical typing is plenty powerful, especially with Blue Sonia, and Siegfried is an easily farmable leader for earlier in the game and pairs well with Megalodran. Megalodran's active skill is also super easy to skill up since blue goblins have it. I'm not saying anything against drawn joker, but I don't think it "blows away" the others.
otaku in reply to Kinglink 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
The big drawback with Drawn Joker is that he's hard to skill up.
Kinglink 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
Drawn Joker completely blows any other Toy dragon away for three reasons.

A. Easy of access, There's a dungeon for Drawn Joker.

B. Devil. It's a devil, simple as that. physical will likely never be a solid end game character, Drawn Joker, pairs with duke Vampire to be an early Devil team make up, even for satan.

C. Dark. Dark versus anything dark always wins. In addition Drawn Joker's ability of being Dark and Blue is better than Red and Blue, the only way it could be better is if it had light reduction instead of Blue.

Megalodran is a good utility leader, he actually does make a great number of dungeons trivial. But Drawn Joker isn't a survey Dungeon member because of looks, or features, he's there simply because how ultimately useful he is.
Last edited by Kinglink 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 )
Guest in reply to Ea 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
The problem is that he has no place on a Blue Sonia team due to having no row enhancement.

Sure, the fire to heart orb change might be nice.

but without blue orb row enhancement, or even enhancement by it self.... makes him a sub sub for a blue sonia team.
Stan in reply to Kinglink 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
he still looks badas tho
Walrus in reply to Guest 6 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
He is a Physical heart maker with good recovery for his type and very easy to max skill. I am sure there are uses for him in some dungeons where stalling or frequent healing is required. I cannot think of a better Physical-type heart maker for a Physical team.
Guest in reply to otaku 5 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Except Drawn Joker has his own dungeon, making him the easiest of the toys to skill up. I mean, if you really wanna farm enhance mat dungeons you can. But tossing a few evolved jokers at one would be far better that spamming enhance mats on 2x skill up. Now if you're solely using pengdras I can see it being a viable option, especially if you're higher rank. But a lower rank wouldn't have access to the coin needed for high-level enhances that often.
Last edited by N/A 5 years ago ( 8.0.4 )
By nayfan@lb 6 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
holee SHT he is badass
By Victarrion 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
I think one area of untapped potential for this guy is as a sub on a Physical Kirin team. An area where those teams suffer is RCV so pop this guy in with hearts every five turns, and you free yourself from Gigas' negative RCV, and Siegfried in one fell swoop, and have a Kirin team that can stall, heal, and deal out x75 damage with a king bubblie. Of course in dungeons where there isn't time to stall and heal, most people would go with orb changers with poor RCV, but I still think he could be a viable Kirin sub.
WhiteFire 6 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
Except that his skill takes away the fire orbs needed to pop Kirin's leader skill.
otaku 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Also a good addition to Siegfried physical teams. AFAIK, there are only 2 physical type healers, the other being kitty shywoodie. Otherwise, you have to use a healer or other type that can't take advantage of the physical aspect.
Last edited by otaku 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 )
M in reply to otaku 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
We also have Red Riding Hood, who is literally physical/healer
By Seg 5 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Just noticed the physical type and monster RCV. He's a perfect sub for Blue Sonia and now I'm kinda glad I pulled him.
By Isuzu Hana 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
I thought its preevolve was a whale but nope its a shark
Green Bob7 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Its name pretty much is "shark" though?
By Bahamut 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Where is his eyes
Zero 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
He has little green eyes in the center of his head, below the purple crystal.
By TakeItEasy 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
Unfortunately, with Siren's shiny new Uvo, this guy is outclassed completely, other than if you really want a Physical team with him in it, or for the resist.
By -Striku- 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Which one is better: siren or megalodran?
Bahamut 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Megalodran was probably meant to partner with Siegfried, because of the orb changings. As for Siren, she could be on any (defensive, low RCV) diverse team, synergetic or not. If you want more RCV and heal, on a team, use Siren.
otaku in reply to Bahamut 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
With the change to Buster Siegfried, Siren is considerably less desirable than Megalodran as a sub in this case vs. Megalodran.
By wyvern628 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Why'd they put wings on a fish?
By sam 5 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
His ability would make a great combo with angelit's
By sam 5 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
His ability would make a great combo with angelit's if you need fast recovery
By sam 5 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
His ability would make a great combo with angelit's if you need fast recovery.

By Chaz 5 years ago ( 8.1.1 ) 
This monster should be the mascot for Shark Week.
By Susitna 4 years ago ( 9.2.1 ) 
I would think DJ has a place on a Dk Dragonbound Typhon team. Pair Typhon lead with, say, Zeta-Hydra with a F/F element, DJoker, and maybe Pandora, and Ronia. I've begun exploring the dk team builds, having moved over to "the dark side" (sorry Spielberg) from running solid light or light heavy teams. Maybe add a red Hera for grav, and you have a heartmaker, grav, color combo multiply, 5 turn delay (Zeta), TPAs, CD reduction (assuming awkn)...pretty good if you can match 3-4 or more consistently. Typhon lead with a Rozuel friend, or even a Ruel for more color-based combos...? Has worked very nicely for me in many dungeons.

Want a red and blue toy, tho.
By H. Steve 3 years ago ( 9.6.3 ) 
Assist monster capable
By greml1n 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Might be a useful sub on a king mastering team?
By Ballzanya 6 years ago ( 6.3.1 ) 
Why is he a backwards toy Dragon? Main is water and sub fire... But he turns fire orbs into hearts? Defeats having a sub
Jess 6 years ago ( 6.3.1 ) 
Drall and Fortoytops are the same.
It's not that big of a deal really, their attack is puny, and their real strength relies in their utility and high recover anyways.
nathan@N17 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
It's because no matter what they are still utilizing the sub color. Either in an attack or heartbreaking it for a better purpose
By Chrono 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Ok, now that Siren got a Ultimate Evo this guy is pretty much only fodder for her, right? And something like this calls itself REM-only... Wow.
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