9 ★
MP 50000 Cost 80
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
  • Bind recovery for 3 turns. Awoken bind recovery for 3 turns.
  • Removes lock status on orbs.
  • Change all orbs to Wood & Dark orbs.
CD: 19 Turns ( 15 Turns at Lv.5 )
This card can be used as assist.
  • Dragon type cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5. Increases time limit of orb movement by 2 seconds.
  • All attribute cards ATK x6, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Wood and Dark combos at the same time.
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +504 ATK +104 RCV +82 ( Max Lv )
HP +603 ATK +128 RCV +126 ( Max Lv & +297 )
HP +704 ATK +149 RCV +143 ( Lv 110 & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Super Awoken Skills
( Random 1 of 3 )
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
God Fest. Exclusive God Series
Drop Locations for #4284
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia
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By Upc 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
In-game animation:
WorldSend 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
update: they called blonia "icefish" I'm done
Last edited by WorldSend 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 )
By Zeif 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
That dark egg know's what's up. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
GenjitsuTy 9 months ago ( 17.1.0 ) 
That's the unevolved form of Diena, the Dark Wisedragon.
By DarkMazer 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
I used to be disappointed that I've pulled 3 Gronias over my years playing PAD. Now I'm stoked.
By Potato 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Oh my god she's animated
By paul 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Kami says welcome to the team!
By Skyknight 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I notice that her weighted stats are just shy of 1100. Used to be that 1000 was the usual zenith.

Anyone else think this presages a new evolution tier beyond Reincarnated? (My provisional name: Transcendent.)

EDIT: On the other hand, what weight gets added by the extra levels unlocked by Super Snow Globe Dragons?
Last edited by Skyknight 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 )
By Fate/VNSN 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Can I have a list of viable subs plz
paul 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Neyof course and that new heroine runelis is interesting. Romia is good as are most Kami subs. The valentine meimei has a good active and 1 L awoken skill.
Last edited by paul 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 )
Skyknight 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
Looking at critters with multiple Enhanced Combo, I'm finding Wo/X Fujin, Linthia Ney, Wo/L Cotton, and Cronus. For [L] Increased Attack, I'm not finding much even for singles, beyond Awoken Spica, Valentine Meimei, Valentine Astaroth, and Runelis. (Depending on when you can roll, you might have to rely on Spica.) The annoying part, of course, is that thus far, Sonia Fio is the only wood critter with both.

At least in my case, it's going to take a while to get everything.

EDIT: Bah, just realized a problem--many of those aren't dragons, meaning they won't get full benefit from Sonia's leader skill. Ney, Cotton, and Runelis at least get the bonus still, but none of the other wood dragons seem to gel that well with Sonia's awakenings--and I'll trust we're NOT expecting Sonia to do even the lion's share of the work, let alone all of it, by herself.

EDIT: Found one more, R. Susano no Mikoto, as long as he has the L super awakening.
Last edited by Skyknight 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 )
By WorldSend 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
Are these the first monsters since the carbuncles to skip a star level upon evolution? They go straight from 7☆ their base Evo stage to 9☆ in these animated forms.
By yt 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
5×5×1.5×1.5×1.5×1.5×2×2 = 506.25 multiplier. And dmg reduction... can't wait. I still like anubis better but this is a close 2nd. She has higher survivability.
Last edited by yt 2 years ago ( 12.0.3 )
JesusBrand 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
You can't add the (1.5*1.5*2*2) from the partner Sonia.
Your individual Sonia PLUS friend Sonia is x225 (5x5x1.5x1.5x2x2). (that's with the L-Attack and 7-Combo). The rest of the team only receives a x25 bonus (5x5 from each leader).

I've found that its important to have 7-Combo subs like Odin Dragon and Sylvie (Cronus Assist). I have Bacches as my Sonia Assist for the x5 Green team attack. This is a tank team that requires a few bursts in order to be successful, but can clear almost anything, if not everything.
yt in reply to JesusBrand 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 ) 
I was including their awakenings. Also, I know their awakenings don't boost the rest of the team. I worded it poorly.
5×1.5 = from leader skill
1.5×1.5 = from L awakenings
2×2 = from 7+ combo awakenings

So... 5×5×1.5×1.5 (<- this is from both leader skills) × 1.5×1.5(<-L awakenings i.e. individual) ×2×2 (<-from 7+ combo i.e. individually) = 506.25x

But ya, in some respects, I find her better than anubis. Higher survivability and can overcome dmg absorb shields. Anubis teams tend to hit too hard for those.
Last edited by yt 2 years ago ( 13.0.1 )
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