6 ★
MP 10 Cost 25
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
  • Fire attribute ATK x1.5 for 4 turns.
  • Inflict Fire damage equal to ATK x40 to all enemies. Affected by enemy element and defense.
CD: 23 Turns ( 11 Turns at Lv.13 )
This card cannot be used as assist.
Leader: Ice Barrier
50% Water damage reduction.
Same Skill
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Grayed out Japanese cards
Legendary Dragon Series
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This card can be obtained by:
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By Cenrok 5 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
Shiny Muspelheim
By Walrus 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
He is blue element but his active is Fire damage, very useful in technical and descended dungeons where Fire cards are bound usually by green enemies, where a non-REM 40X ATK Nuke is nice to have (56,320 to all enemies at lvl 99 without +eggs). Would have been more useful if the Leader skill was -50% Fire Dmg to compliment it's active. Otherwise this is either a trophy or an oddity in most teams as the red version is more common and preferred due to the dual element, the active's buff to Fire element units and the extra 100 ATK stat.
Last edited by Walrus 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 )
By Veloci 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Yay, palette swaps.
Last edited by Veloci 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 )
Krosis 5 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
Think of him as a shiny muspelheim
By Rschielke 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
First run on master and this guy drops
By NotLuka 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
No way that happend to me too!
By XCWarior 6 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
This guy dropped for me on my first master run. I do like the active skill being fire. Not sure if I'll use him down the road, but hey rare dragons are nice.
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