God / Devil
7 ★
MP 15000 Cost 35
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
  • Ignores enemy attribute damage absorb effects for 2 turns ( does not include combo shield, damage absorb shield, and damage void ).
  • Change Fire & Heart orbs to Dark orbs.
CD: 21 Turns ( 11 Turns at Lv.11 )
This card can be used as assist.
  • Dark attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5.
  • All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching Dark & Light combos.
Same Skill
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +264 ATK +85 RCV +95 ( Max Lv )
HP +363 ATK +110 RCV +139 ( Max Lv & +297 )
HP +442 ATK +136 RCV +167 ( Lv 110 & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
( JP ver. )
Super Awoken Skills
( Random 1 of 3 )
Grayed out Japanese cards
June Bride Series
Drop Locations for #3791
Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain it so far.
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By hasaanm 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Protect that smile
kushi<3 in reply to Phlynch 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Hades isn't the problem, I'd look out for Stan, he'll feed her to the new Wicked Lady.
Phlynch 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Hades has that covered.
Theodore 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Honestly at this point Hades is breath of fresh air, with so many waifus in this game
By FlyingKing 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Let's take a moment to appreciate one of the most gorgeous Bridal artworks in the event. It's simple but effective, encapsulating everything we've seen in previous Persephone pictures, but giving it an atmosphere of sweet, gentle romance, like the scent of the very roses she's carrying.

One really cool touch they've added are the swirls behind her back. On the left, they're colored Purple and Yellow (Dark and Light, after her attributes), and Red/Orange and Pink (Fire and Heal, what her active skill changes). Not only does this integrate the colors from her attributes but even the colors changed in her active skill, something we're slowly seeing more of in other monster's artwork (Yang Guifei for example). It adds color to her artwork while not getting overwhelming, like the flowers behind her do, which are a reference to her Cradle of Hell Goddess artwork and the fact that, prior to being (albeit forcefully) wedded off to Hades, she was/is the Goddess of Spring. I'm so happy to see one of my favorite cards in the game get even more special treatment. I'm never disappointed in Persephone's artwork. I really hope I pull her when the June Bride event comes around again (which didn't happen this year in the US for some reason... Very disappointed by that.) I have every other version of her already! I can't wait to add her to my collection!
ms puppet 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Because US is getting PAD Academy late this month... :(
Last edited by ms puppet 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 )
By -Striku- 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Ceres: "I swear in the name of the Titans, you better treat her right, or I'll make your life a living nightmare, got that?" *cracks whip*

*Hades looks at Persephone*

Persephone: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Hades: "N-No! You look perfectly fine! A-Absolutely stunning!"
Ceres: "Good boy..."
Guest 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Ceres is not Greek but Roman. Persephone's mother is Demeter.
Jeff 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Why would Ceres swear in the name of the Titans when the Titans are at odd wth the Greek gods and are considered below them?
Guest in reply to Jeff 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Ceres, Zeus, Hades and others Major Greek God in Greek Mythology are consider as the decescent of Titans.
By Xavon 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Huh, now we can make an all Persephone Rainbow team.
By Syndicate 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
I feel like they missed a huge opportunity by not putting Hades in her art.
Xavon 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
No, no, no. He can't see her before the wedding.
By Sonofyin 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Please stop looking at me like that...

I'm sorry for gawking Persephone. I must look pretty stupid but I assure u that I am a very capable and very smar...what was I saying again?
By Soyeong 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
For those not paying close enough attention, the active skill is attribute absorb rather than damage absorb, so it is not the same type of skill as Fujin that can work against guys like Sopdet, but instead will work against guys who are healed by certain color(s) like Noah Dragon. It is not the use that I originally thought she had, but I have no doubt that there are other instances where she will prove to be useful.
Last edited by Soyeong 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 )
By Hi 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Can someone tell me what her skill does? I rolled her and have no idea what the skill means.
Sonofyin 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
She will negate attribute absorb. It is a mechanic that allows the enemy monster to heal the amount of dmg done by a certain attribute. For example, in Sandalphon's dungeon u will come across Raphael who has Dark absorb. If u do dmg with a dark monster, he will heal the amount of dark dmg done. It makes for a tricky situation. With Persephone's active, she will negate his ability to heal dark dmg allowing monsters to inflict dark dmg without consequence. Additonally, her skill creates dark orbs so u can readily attack if ur using a dark team.

However, this does not apply to other types of absorb like combo absorb (fail to reach a certain amount of combos and the enemy heals) or dmg absorb (go above a dmg threshold and the enemy heals). The active's purpose is niche but very effective and again, creates dark orbs so it's more flexible than Fujin (who negates dmg absorb).
Thadd in reply to Sonofyin 3 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
Since Raphael is light won't the dark heal him twice as much?
By Windurst 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
I want an ult for her, it could either be more tanky or damage.
By GenjitsuTy 1 year ago ( 17.0.0 ) 
Persephone is so beautiful

- (in June Bride dungeon)
By AlexDragon 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Translation:Bride of Stars, Persephone
Now we all know why she looks so beautiful!
She' s a bride!
The groom is Hades.
AlexDragon 3 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
She was released in NA
I was right about "Bride"!
I though google translate was messing with me,like when it translated PAD academy Orochi's leader skill into Toilet.
And I thought that that was just google translate commenting on the good artwork.
But it was correct!

P.S.:Skill is called "Engagement Feathers - Luna"
By ★Liao24★ 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Rolling this unit is like "move Hades, now it's my turn. I can't wait to try your sloppy seconds."
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