6 ★
MP 15000 Cost 25
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Active: Celtic Light
  • Change Water orbs to Light orbs, Dark orbs to Heart orbs.
  • Change own attribute to Light for 2 turns.
CD: 12 Turns ( 7 Turns at Lv.6 )
This card can be used as assist.
  • Light attribute cards ATK x5. Fire attribute cards HP x1.5.
  • All attribute cards ATK x1.5 when reaching 2 set of Light combos. ATK x0.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x2 when reaching 3 combos.
Same Skill
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +296 ATK +123 RCV +6 ( Max Lv )
HP +395 ATK +147 RCV +51 ( Max Lv & +297 )
HP +484 ATK +184 RCV +53 ( Lv 110 & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Super Awoken Skills
( Random 1 of 2 )
Reincarnation / Assist Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
Brave 2 Series
Drop Locations for #3548
Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain it so far.
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By Apoc 4 years ago ( 11.0.2 ) 
I love reading about the history of these weapons
By Xayvin@PF 4 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
Solais is easily the best leader in the new Brave 2 Series. She has so many split leader pairings that she synergizes well with: Ilm, Ilmina, R.Minerva, R.Leilan, Tsubaki, Kenshin (cross evo), and Tifa. She adds much needed bulk and damage control (thanks to a scaling multiplier) to these teams while giving a 10x multiplier for 3 light combos. Believe the hype, she is THAT good.

Let's not forget that she's very formidable when paired with herself too, although RCV is an issue - especially if you load up on Ilm/Ilmina subs.

So far I would say her best partner leader is L/R Ilm thanks to the RCV multiplier and similar damage scaling.
Last edited by Xayvin@PF 4 years ago ( 11.1 )
By VinylXIII 4 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
So I just got this recently, can anyone suggest a good team to work for getting to sub with this gal?
Ixzine 4 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Light/Fire (and Fire/Light) is the most loaded color combination in the game, perhaps by a significant margin. For leaders you have (her, obviously), Kenshin, Ilm, Ilmina, ReMinerva, Tifa, and in JP, Kinnikuman. All of these are A3 capable at least.

Then for subs, oh boy..... all the afformentioned, + ReSakuya, Wisedragon Apolluo, Tifa, Jormungandr-Ullr, NY Kanna, Superman, Awoken Ganesha, Awoken Baal, 7c Hathor, Maeda Keiji, Wedding & non-wedding Gadius, Ars Nova, Saria, Tsubaki, Terra, Vaan, Ariel, ReLeilan, ReAme No Uzume, Valkyrie Femme, Falcon Armor Ace, Pollux, Antares, Napoleon, Awoken Krishna.....

Making a team with her or her favorite pair leaders is as simple about obsessively sticking to these colors, making sure you have 5 sbr, good actives, and as much hp and rcv combined as possible. Fire sub att can be excepted in the case of exceptionally powerful monsters like ReIndra and monsters with high rcv (in the case you are low on it), like ReApollo.

A solid (if low orb move time) team example that includes no collab monsters or 15,000+ MP monsters is: Ariel, ReSakuya, A. Baal, A. Ganesha, with Ilm as a friend leader. 3 light tpas and 1 fire match fully activates you and does plenty of damage, with Ariel and Ganesha doing the heavy lifting. You have access to Ariel as a low cd bind immune inheritance base (for Saria, Shining Dragon Knight, or spike actives) and high tpa hitter, ReSakuya as a bind clear active, Ganesha as a utility, A Baal as a solid orb maker and junk clearer. Matching light, light, fire with no tpas still gives you a 75x atk multiplier, which can sweep trash or <50% easy bosses even in arena 3 difficulty content.
Last edited by Ixzine 4 years ago ( 11.1.1 )
By Badman04 4 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
Need friends that use her
By secret 4 years ago ( 11.0.2 ) 
LOL Those proportions. She almost looks as bad as Ryune.
manesero 4 years ago ( 11.0.2 ) 
Have you seen Halloween kali?
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