Evo Material
7 ★
MP 1 Cost 50
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Active: None
Leader: None
Grayed out Japanese cards
Descended Loot Series
Drop Locations for #2885
This card can be obtained by:
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By Togder 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
My grandpas deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain the unstoppable Machine Star's Memory, Windsor!
Last edited by Togder 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 )
Timaeus 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon.
By Seyjan /b 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
And I will form....the HEAD!
Side_ 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Chrispy!PF 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 )

you're welcome! :)
By GoonSrting 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
Ok, I guess he still has part of the spine attached on...
By Mr-ex777 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
Worst invade enemy ever. There is basically no way to get around it unless you build a team specifically against it. It has preemptive mighty and locks your skill for 5 turns, and does like 47000+ damage every turn, and has preservance, and if you hit it you will die instantly. If anyone can even encounter or at best get around this abomination, just tell me.
Earthquake 3 years ago ( 11.1 ) 
You buggin
By Xinfo 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
WHOA WHOA WHOA step back a bit, as of 6/3/16 at 7:28 PM pacific time, the only way of getting his head is doing Machine Zeus or Hera, both of which is death and has a 2% drop rate. I seriously hope for more descends even if there has to be one for each body part. (the other limbs are also chance drops is other machine like descends but the head is by far the most outrageous)
nathan@N17 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
Well the reward is no doubt pretty darn good....but I have a feeling they'll definitely nerf the accessibility. There will be many complaints, just gotta wait
By Jarfield 3 years ago ( 9.5.1 ) 
How does this get so high a rating for leader skill when there isn't one listed?
Sonofyin 3 years ago ( 9.6.3 ) 
Anything related to Orpharion transcends logic so don't worry about it too much.
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