God / Physical
8 ★
MP 50000 Cost 70
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Change all orbs to Water, Wood & Heart orbs.
CD: 14 Turns ( 9 Turns at Lv.6 )
This card can be used as assist.
  • Water attribute cards ATK x3.5. Wood attribute cards RCV x2.
  • Matched attribute ATK x1.5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.
Same Skill
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +508 ATK +71 RCV +45 ( Max Lv )
HP +607 ATK +95 RCV +90 ( Max Lv & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Reincarnation Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
God Fest. Exclusive God Series
Drop Locations for #2714
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Norn of the Future, Skuld
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By Inagaki 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
5075 HP *O* SKULD !!
By soy meeko 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
Is her leader skill ever going to be updated lol
By grace 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I'm glad she got a TPA. Her and Umisachi Yamasachi are like best buddies now.

On a side note, she kind of looks like Lakshmi...
grace 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
And at the risk of posting too much on my own comment,

I believe she should have gotten another water orb enhance. Or another Time Extend or, if I'm really pushing it and being greedy, a two prong.

Dark Kali Ult is much stronger than Light Kali. Her extra TE, and her unbind-ability justifies her 8 star status over Light Kali's 7 star even if she is one prong shorter. Dark Metatron is insanely stronger than Light Metatron. Not only did she get a better leader skill, but her awakenings are crazy good as well.
Red Odin and Blue Odin is that much more useful than Green Odin with their Rows and Prongs and what not.

Blue Sonia and Green Sonia is much more powerful than Red Sonia. In fact, they're skill multiplier (the 1.5x when you match 5 or more orbs) is both easy and related to their row based attack (Red Sonia needs a slight adjustment I think. Trying to make rows with 6 combos is not easy)

Yet Skuld, while the two prong is nice, is no where near as strong enough to justify that she is an 8 star ult instead of a.. say 7.5 star ult. She is strong, I'm not saying she isn't, but she didn't blow me away either like Dark Kali did when I saw her awakenings.

I believe the same can be said about Typhon who's new ultimate got the same treatment as Gadius. On the upside, Typhon has a much higher damage multiplier and stats, but he kind of became a 7.5 as well. Gadius is more focused too because he has two rows while Typhon just looks indecisive. I don't even know what's going to happen to Ilm because Zuoh looks amazing and I don't know if Gungho has the gungballs to make Ilm more amazing than Zuoh.

What gives Gungho?
These are rare godfest exclusives. They are supposed to blow us out of the water and make us dip our hands into our empty wallets to sell our kidney and try to roll them.
Instead, I think Gungho is scared to bring out their full potential. Now that they are making Awokens, they seem to be trying to make the godfest exclusives not so.. well special anymore so that the Awokens can shine as well.

This won't be an issue if say, Gungho decides to give these guys a super ultimate or an awoken version but seeing as how the Zhuge Liangs and the Guan Yus have STILL not received an ultimate, I don't think it'll happen for a LOOOOONG time.

Lmeta weeps. She weeps my friends.
Last edited by grace 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 )
Minori 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Her expression reminds me of first stage Famiel actually
Elsbet734 in reply to grace 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
As Norn of the Future, maybe they have invented time travel, and she transported back to a younger time :)
grace in reply to Minori 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
She does she does.

I kind of don't like how she looks younger than her previous form. As Norn of the Future, shouldn't she like.. I don't know... age gracefully? And yet the Norns of the Past and Norns of the Present seemed to have aged well but her.. she goes backwards...

Shouldn't Urd be doing the.. age defying thing?
Halcon in reply to grace 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Skuld already had seven awakenings; the max is nine, and uuevos have never replaced existing awakenings. As for Gadius and Typhon, while it's true that the two did get the same awakenings in their ults, Typhon makes better use of them as the bind resist+bind clear combo has great synergy with his LS.
Sanspai@PF in reply to grace 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
As I see it the norns represent with their age the time they control.

Urd = Past , so she looks older (even if sexier tbh) than the other 2 norns. (Past is old)
Verd= Present, she looks like a woman.
Skuld= Future, so she looks .... Like a loli. And tbh I kind of expected it even before she came out. Anyway the future is younger than the other two times soooo.... Idk?
By Sky 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Skuld got a HUGE boost that hasn't been updated here yet.

She now has a flat boost of 3.5x attack for water, as well as the 2xRCV for wood, and an Additional 1.5x attack for attribute of 5+ orbs with an enhance.
By Greg! 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Inevitable "Pits for Days" comment
drgnwzrd 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
I've googled twice and yet, still... I have no idea what this means.
Vermillion 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I thought you never asked!! *pero pero*
By Greg! 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
BUFF UPDATE (March 24, 2016)

Water attribute cards ATK x3.5. Wood attribute cards RCV x2. **ATK x1.5 when attacking with 5 attributes (4 att. + Heart).

** D@mn Daniel, thanks for pointing the error out. It could either be:

• ATK x1.5 when attacking with 5 attributes (4 att. + Heart).
• ATK x1.5 when connecting 5 or more heart orbs
• ATK x1.5 when 5 combo or above
• Matched attribute ATK x1.5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb (but they did say they would change this one since it was too far from Skuld's play style)
Last edited by Greg! 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 )
zypher 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
its actually ATK x1.5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb
Greg! in reply to Reverb 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 )

This was based off a rough translation. Come to think of it, I might have read it wrong...It could possibly mean 5 connected heart orbs? Or 5 combo.

This is the original text. Anyone who can read Japanese, please help out!

Leader Skill:
Reverb in reply to Greg! 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Where did u hear that? Doesn't that leader skill conflict with her active?
Minori 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
It's match 5 with 1 enhanced.

One thing you can do if you can't read Japanese is compare the wording with other skills. For instance here is AYomi's which is worded exactly the same:
Reverb in reply to Minori 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Maybe it's not the five orb part of Yomi's leader skill that's the same, but the combo scaling. Doesn't make sense to give Skuld that five orb buff right after they took the previous one back
Minori in reply to Reverb 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
No, if you look at it, it's the match-5 clause that's the same.

The problem before was that Skuld gave a lower multiplier than pre-uvo UNLESS you did the match-5. With the buff to a flat 3.5x, she's strictly better than before and the match-5 is now an optional (but very strong) bonus.
Lil'Chizzy in reply to zypher 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
The video zypher shared settles it. It's definitely a match 5 with one enhance type activation.
Greg! 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
By el barto 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
She seems to keep losing layers with each evo.

If she get's another, she'll be part of the summer series because only so much can be under that old timey slip.
By Ren 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Feeding her mystic masks allow her legs to grow back.
By coolfusion 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Im glad she got a second boost. this was the only monster i had to complete my awoken ra team.I wouldve preffered a san quan or umi yami, but she was the only one i had. thankfully, this little babe got announced, so theres not need to try to roll a umi yami. so naturally, that'll be the next thing i'll roll.
By Sena 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
she needs machine sub type.
By ratchet 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Skuld is so good! Ive been running a TPA team with her even before her ult evo:

Skuld 2tpa
Nut 2tpa
U&Y 2tpa
Paradise Sonia/Blue Valk
Awoken Amaterasu
Blodin 3tpa

If I want more board changes, I use Sonia instead of Valk, but otherwise Valk is nice for quick heartbreaking at max skill.
Amaterasu isnt water type but

Green sub for skuld RCV boost
2 skill binds for a total of 4 (80%)
Bind resist and active clear 4 turns of binding

Cleared a bunch of mythicals with this team but leaf monsters can suck sometimes
By Gong 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Any idea when the 1.5x buff will be added to NA? Really excited for it!
By EvilCake 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
So I'm trying to understand why Skuld has a weighted stat of 890, but GungHo left Urd and Verd down around 790 for their final evos. Makes me feel a bit sad that I didn't roll Skuld instead considering she has great stats and awakenings.
Guest 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
It's because Skuld is a six-star GFE, thus she's rarer than the other two, both of which are only five-star GFEs. I really hope Water gets a good TPA lead to go along with her though. Hopefully, Gungho will give Sarasvati some SBR love with that upcoming Awakening buff.
Last edited by N/A 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 )
Nieriel in reply to Clefspeare 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
"Water TPA teams' lack of skill bind resists"? Is that a thing? I have 3 skill bind resist teams and the better two are water tpa teams like??

~Shout out to ma girls A I&I
Clefspeare in reply to Nieriel 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
It's a thing when you don't have I&I. As for Kamui, I forgot they didn't release all the mystic knight revos at once. :P
Clefspeare in reply to Guest 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I wish that they'd replaced her wood enhance with an SBR to sorta help with this problem, but they didn't. Not only would it help with water tpa teams' lack of skill bind resists, but it would help her pair with her friend the water mystic knight who just got a revo.
Last edited by Clefspeare 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 )
Guest in reply to Clefspeare 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Yeah, not really a fan of that Wood OE myself. I've heard JP is also doing some complaining but, I'm not holding my breath for anything as she's already quite good. Kamui revo is going to be amazing if it follows the pattern of the others. NA won't have to feel jealous of Trunks anymore.

@Nieriel Mind sharing what teams you're running. I&I are great but aren't very useful on Sarasvati due to how much damage she already does. The other leads I can think of are either better off running rows or just not that great in the first place. Alrescha though was a huge help.
Last edited by N/A 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 )
By Jubikus 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
She has some nice.... Spools.
By Vic's ⓅⒶⒹ2 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Was already happy with the ult! Now the buff! $kuld is definitely going to get some serious love.
Last edited by Vic's ⓅⒶⒹ2 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 )
By Elsbet734 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
I have 2 Skulds - working on max skills, then + eggs. Just waiting for NA to get the UEVO. Lots of work, but I think it will pay off in the end.
By el barto 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
haven't been using in awhile, now back to working on maxing out.
Last edited by el barto 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 )
By SicksChigg 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
I just don't get it... 3x skill up rate and I just got 0/6 (for those curious, I did 5 on the first and 1right after). Anyone else have similar results? I will not be playing lottery tonight I guess.
By Avelarius 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
In most teams and floors you will get more damage with 4 orbs than with 5 because the LS buff would be the same as 1 TPA and she has 2. She needs 9 orbs.
By Havoc 4 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
I recently made friends with someone who has a Skuld with a different Leader Skill than the one listed here. it's leader skill is

Destiny Carving Divine Clock

3.5x ATK for Water ATT., 2x RCV for Wood Att.; 1.5 ATK for Att. erasing 5 orbs with enhanced.

So it has a larger attack boost to water, which isn't dependent on HP, and can boost ATK even higher with enhanced orbs. Is this a recent update? If so, I hope the other Norns follow suit.
Yamakyu 4 years ago ( 9.2.1 ) 
I wouldn't bet on it :|
I think Skuld got this buff because she's 1* rarer than the other Norns, so GungHo made her the most powerful of the three.
I doubt the other Norn will follow anytime soon >_>
By drew9348 4 years ago ( 9.2.1 ) 
Perfect for my Balboa team!
- Water/Wood att.
- Skill changes orbs to water and wood
- Has high HP, the one thing Balboa's LS doesn't multiply
- TPAs
By Dragonborn 3 years ago ( 9.6.3 ) 
Advice please. I've never attempted a low multiplier team such as Skuld that didn't come with a HP boost. I am trying to build a dual Skuld lead team and need help to come up with a decent build. My Water/Wood monsters are: Artemis, Marine Rider, Spica, Y'shtola, Kushinadahime(when reincarnated), Mion, Karin, Balboa, Meridionalis, Amon(once Awoken), Jormungandr, Hrungnir, Alrescha, Coloring Kali, Aegir, Lakshmi, Umi&Yama, Summer Armadel, Muse, Zhou Yu, Ars Paulina, Droidragon, Nobon Kapibara-san, and Kapibara & White-san. It's a limited list, but if there are any descended monsters I could get to help build it I could do that also. All the listed monsters are as fully evolved as available and max skilled. I can farm for +eggs all day long to hypermax them also. Please help.
By Sena 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
This buff is too broken she can now be used in Ryune teams in replace with I&I for more damage.
By Vincent 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
wait so does skuld start from level 1
Destros 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
No, when you ult-evo, it keeps its level
By A-pex 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
She has that killer look in her eyes.. Yandere Skuld confirmed?
By Destros 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
By Ink 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
She's finally become viable. I'm really happy, cause now my skuld can see more play time and I can use her in other teams except Sumire and Parvati. Maybe she can lead her own team, she's dope, got double TPA, time extends, better stats. I just wish they buffed her leader skill a bit, or is that too much gungho?
Milo 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Skull's already been viable for a long time, and now she's insanely good. I'm just surprised that you used her as a sub so long-especially on an Awoken Parvati team.
Tiger in reply to Milo 4 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
viable for what? all she can do is farm basically...
By Trolololol 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
The only reason ultimate Skuld is better than the mediocre Urd and Verdandi ultimates is that she's one shining star ahead of the other two Norns.
Perhaps Urd and Verdandi will get super ultimates one day?
By Starspark 4 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
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