Machine / God
6 ★
MP 5000 Cost 25
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Change Light, Heart, Poison & Mortal Poison orbs to Dark orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn.
CD: 14 Turns ( 9 Turns at Lv.6 )
This card can be used as assist.
RCV x2.5 when matching exactly 4 connected heart orbs. Matched attribute ATK x5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.
Skill Up Cards
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +243 ATK +85 RCV +52 ( Max Lv )
HP +342 ATK +110 RCV +97 ( Max Lv & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate Evolution by using
Grayed out Japanese cards
Mechanical Star God 2 Series
Drop Locations for #2561
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Hamal
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By Owl 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
So soft... so fluffy... (o///o
tahiti 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Won't be saying that after that double ended scythe cuts everything you love
spin2win 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
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By Electro@PF 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I think it's really funny that nowadays a x5 ATK boost corresponds with the small amount of work it takes to match 5 with 1 orb enhanced; a year ago it took matching 4 specific colors of the rainbow in order to get that high of a boost. The power creep manifests itself in odd ways.
Jathra in reply to ( ゚ ͜ʖ ゚) 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
"It sucks because it doesn't synergize with TPA's or Rows"

This argument again lol.

A 25x multiplier for 5 orbs worth of damage is quite strong. You don't even need rows/TPAs for OE teams except on boss nukes, where you will be orb changing anyways even with a row or TPA team to get multiple rows/TPAs worth of damage for the big hit.

OE teams just play differently than other teams. They are also much more flexible than rows/TPAs because you can organize the 5 orbs multiple ways. It's just hard for players to get their head around how they work I guess, probably still too new, that or they don't really understand how OE works post buff. Maybe in another year people will wake up, guess we will see.
( ゚ ͜ʖ ゚) 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I think she's a better sub than leader to be honest. That 5x ATK boost is mono color so your comparison is a little unfair. It has other limitations too because matching 5 exactly makes it nearly impossible to activate TPAs or row-based damage without the use of orb/board changing skills (unless it's a 5x4 board for rows). As a sub however, her AS is an amazeballs 9 CD orb change for many dark teams, and her awakens are wonderful - especially the double SBR, allowing for easy 100% team building.

What I want to know is, when can we get her? PADX shows that she was "updated" which makes me think we can roll her, but she's not featured in the dark gala right now, and I haven't seen any mention of her series being featured in a godfest.
Brett Hulk in reply to ( ゚ ͜ʖ ゚) 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Have you ever heard of Yomi Dragon?
bahasword in reply to Jathra 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
except 2PA's and rows arent mostly exclusive of the damage that OE's give naturally. and a 10 row team w/ OE's with a mere ~3.5X multiplyer is enough to outperform a OE only 5X team. sure we can argue finer points of this, but my personal experience is that OE only's tend to lack the substance that the other teams can produce. if I'm swinging to kill, i want as much damage as possible, and that come from a combination of OE's and either 2PA's or rows favoring almost any kind of leader skill EXCEPT ones like these.
nickjr in reply to ( ゚ ͜ʖ ゚) 3 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
"What I want to know is, when can we get her? PADX shows that she was "updated" which makes me think we can roll her, but she's not featured in the dark gala right now, and I haven't seen any mention of her series being featured in a godfest."

I'm a little late, so you may have already figured this out, but I'll post this here anyway. This answer is also unofficial and consists purely of my observations.

PDX's "Recently Updated Cards @ NA" section shows you which monsters' data are in NA PAD. You know how sometimes when you open PAD, PAD shows a Downloading Data... screen, even if there was no maintenance? That Downloading Data... screen means that NA PAD is getting the data for monsters, dungeons, and other things that will soon be available. The exact availability date, however, depends on the release schedule that PAD's higher-ups have.

So when you saw Hamal in the Recently Updated Cards @ NA section, that meant that Hamal's data had recently been downloaded to NA PAD. If you had the means to do so, then you could search your PAD files and find Hamal's image before Hamal actually became obtainable.
By NefC 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
So like heart TPA. Huh.
Guest 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
Don't you mean TPR (two-pronged recovery)
By tian 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
By Ink 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
She's adorable, I want a a plushie that looks like her.
By Suypark 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Potential staple for yomi-dragon sub??
ciski77 in reply to ferdward 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
The wood sub-type is GREAT for YomiDra in all attribute required dungeons, though. Much better than the only other option available (Persephone) for sure.
 ̄≫JNinja_ 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Weak stats and awakenings. At best its just usable for yomidra if you don't have anything else.
El Rayo in reply to  ̄≫JNinja_ 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
she provides over 1700 attack and a decent amount of rcv lol. Her stats can't be that bad. Lover her 2 sbr. Allows more sub pool flexibility.
Guvi 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
good sub in theory, unfortunately her HP is too low, at least for a yomidra arena team. My team of yomidra/uuvo pandora/ hamal / okuni / zeus stratios is 90hp short, with 30% dark resist, to tank DQ Hera's preemtive. Beyond that is a good replacement for haku.
ferdward 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I would view her as a poor man's Eschamali. useable but not a perfect fit
By El Rayo 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
This card is a solid lead! i don't have A. Yomi or Yomidrag so this is my introduction to dark OE. Pairing Hamal with A. Yomi or Yomidrag are great options. I was able to beat extreme god rush in the current (3/21/16) descend set and recently trashed Zeus Merc and Aegir. Gonna keep testing her out but so far I am VERY pleased with Hamal as a lead :D My subs are Xmas Haku, Batman Bat Mobile, Satsuki, and A. Pandora.
By Daniel9dsi 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Amazing for Awoken Yomi and Yomidra
El Rayo 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Xmas Haku appreciates her, too.
(°~°)@PG in reply to Hutch 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Assuming you mean awoken pandora, she doesn't get the devil type stat boost, and doesn't contribute any rows. I admit the dual SBR is useful though
Hutch 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
And Panda :)
By eggplant 2 years ago ( 9.5.1 ) 
Time to get an ult!
By gargoyle 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Being an Aries, I must have!!!
By candy 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Her active skill is like a Greek god's skill but better because it converts junk orb types and brings a 1 turn haste to boot, while only being one turn longer cooldown.
By D_Bob 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Just picked this one up from REM during the Godfest. 3/18
secret 3 years ago ( 9.2.1 ) 
She's not that bad of a card, even if her Leader and Active skills are both currently outclassed. Her awoken evo might even change that. I'd rate her at 14/18
By Orange 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
I'd love both Mechanical Star God series to get a UEvo that replaces one of those types. They can almost fit in so many teams. Their limited typings prevent us from really taking advantage of their dual SBRs on many teams
By Sena 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
When do we get this.
By Minori 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
As a leader, she's basically Yomigon-light
By secret 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Is this the monster where the answer to what gender it is lies in your heart?
WorldSend 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
That was Alcyone, but can apply to half the Mecha Stars.
By candy 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
The RCV bonus is cool, however with just 2425 base HP, the team's going to be hurting for health unless high HP subs are brought along, like D Iza
By mist@pt 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
What's even the point of my Castor then lmao?
Well ... at least he looks cooler?
Chrispy!PF 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
castor is heartbreaker, like vamp or Dvalk. hamal is dual change heartbreak, equiv to persephone. cooldown difference too.

also hamal doesn't do jammers.
Last edited by Chrispy!PF 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 )
By Limboaz 3 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
Only real weakness is low HP, and no TPA or row enhance. Still good for coop play and skill transfer. 2 SBR is great to give you flexibility on team composition.
By Greg! 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Spotted: Lumpy Space Princess

Adventure Time Collab confirmed!
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