5 ★
MP 5000 Cost 20
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Reduce enemies' defense to 0 for 1 turn. Effects carry forward on sweep. Enhance Fire orbs, +6% per orb, up to +180% for full board.
CD: 22 Turns ( 11 Turns at Lv.12 )
This card cannot be used as assist.
Fire attribute cards ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5.
Skill Up Cards
Applicable Killer Latents
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate Evolution by using
Grayed out Japanese cards
Indian God 1 Series
Drop Locations for #236
This card can be obtained by:
- Rare Egg Machine
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By Guest 5 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
shiva, the super metal killer. as long as you stall for 22 turns on the first round... lol.
Anon 5 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
And what about those tryhards with a max skilled Shiva? :P
¡Crusty¿ in reply to Anon 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Or burst teams that can hit over their 60k DEF?
By SoulWiz 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Naturally AFTER getting puzzdroid for def breaking

and dragon stones LOOONG GONE

i roll one REM, get shiva......
Vinh 3 years ago ( 9.0.3 ) 
Now I just need grodin to stall the damage >.>
By Guest 5 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Shiva is a godsend for dungeons like super metal dragons. Void enemy defence for one turn means exactly that: until you take a turn moving orbs. This means abilities that deal damage to enemies (30x atk etc) don't end the effect even if it ends the battle. For super dragons this means you can run a dragon/shiva team. Self-tested and works.
Use shiva ability to void defence then dragon, winning battle. Next battle starts with 0 defence. Second dragon ability and so on. Shiva does not need to be lead for this so feel free to use Odin or nebradisk if needed to survive attacks.

Happy hunting!
Sona 5 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
The effect does not disappear until the enemy takes a turn (their turn counters decrease or they attack), so if you wipe out everything in the round, the effect stays until you fail to do so.
By pyrotech12 4 years ago ( 8.1.1 ) 
So 3 years ago, my friend shows me this game. This game was a blast, my first roll was Freyr, the God of Victory. A great roll. Then as i played the game I was trying to figure out how to make a team but just couldn't find a good lineup. I rolled shiva on my 4th pull and i was like cool but i have a fire guy all ready so i guess i will save him. my friend looks at my line up (the guy who showed me the game) and says "oh he sucks just sell him you have too many red guys." Guess who learned about mono-fire teams... Well a few weeks later i learned about this amazing site, and my giant mistake. I made my buddy where a dunce hat for his stupidity. My rage could only be matched by the god i threw away. But on this day. During a godfest he is not even in, he returns to me. I am now rank 175. And i am working on different teams, but my best is still my mono-fire squad. i stopped playing for a long time in between when i started and now but i didn't think i would ever get him back.

My team...

Iwato's Dancing Goddess, Amenouzume
Burning Phoenix Knight, Homura
Gigas the Great
War Deity, Dark Minerva
Freyr, The Blazing Swordsman

Not sure who to switch out my other fire characters are
Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
Crimson Lotus Mistress, Echidna
Ishikawa Goemon
(and now) Shiva

and tips would be very much appreciated and maybe we could talk about my other teams. i have a devil team and a light Kali team that needs some guidance.
Last edited by pyrotech12 4 years ago ( 8.1.1 )
By Revokeran 5 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
After throwing 100+ stones at the REM, RNGesus finally dropped me a shiva. Can't wait to uevo this to complete my Ronia team.
By Greg! 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Finally rolled this guy. What's funny is, a few hours I rolled him, the ShinraBansho dungeon was announced for NA. I can skill him up with this guy:

The same thing just so happened when I rolled Dark Archdemon Lucifer. A few days after I rolled him, the Evangelion Collab returned to NA. Not only that, but his Ultimate Evolution was announced as well.

What are the odds?!
By Davi 5 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
yup kings carnival was a blast last night with this guy! ^_^
By Flyfai 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Just when I thought all hope was lost after rolling a drall, I rolled this guy! So pumped....can't wait to evolve him!
By Kaneki 4 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Please god fest give me a shiva
hiice 4 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Hahah i got mine off my pull when i started the game! He really is a great card.
By Stahv 3 years ago ( 8.6.2 ) 
Come Shiva! My Ronia is so desperately calling your name....
By Guest 3 years ago ( 8.7.0 ) 
I'm with kaneki,, plz god fest.. No more garbage rolls fooling me and stealing all my hard earned stones :( roll me a shiva
By Gusion 2 years ago ( 9.5.1 ) 
What monsters can I use to skill up Shiva? Ult'd as Karmic Destroyer, and he and Shaitan are my best two fire att. cards. But TheThird Eye takes too long to
Last edited by Gusion 2 years ago ( 9.5.1 )
BoyDynamo 2 years ago ( 9.5.1 ) 
Scroll up on this page to where it says, "abilities," then looks at "same skill." Anything with the same skill can be used to skill up
By Zefros01 2 years ago ( 11.1.1 ) 
Shiva + Goemon x Hypermaxed Fire Team= Lots of Damage
By Sysora 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
@Swannak2 Add me, I got a shiva, and getting ready to level him up. 386,612,310
By swannak 5 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
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