God / Attacker
6 ★
MP 6000 Cost 40
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Heart orbs.
CD: 14 Turns ( 9 Turns at Lv.6 )
This card can be used as assist.
Water attribute cards ATK x3 when HP is less than 50% ( Water attribute cards ATK x3.3 when HP is full. Water attribute cards ATK x3.15 when HP is greater than 50%. ). Fire attribute cards HP x1.35, RCV x1.35.
Skill Up Cards
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +372 ATK +84 RCV +18 ( Max Lv )
HP +471 ATK +109 RCV +63 ( Max Lv & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate Evolution by using
Grayed out Japanese cards
PAD Island Series
Drop Locations for #2289
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Resting Norn, Urd
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By bigstarboy 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
Would be so much better if she were wearing sunglasses instead
Jubikus 4 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Glasses are cute plus she already has the hat to keep the sun out of her eyes so sunglasses would be a little redundant.
Tony in reply to 叢雲ちゃん@qt 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
There are shades that have very thin lenses that are almost see through and also there are transition glasses, too.
叢雲ちゃん@qt 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
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By Lewdacriz 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Blue Metatron was called Wetatron.
Therefore Blue Urd must be called Summurd.
TMNZB 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Blue Urd is blue and Urd.
Therefore blue Urd must be called Blurd.
Hangman in reply to TMNZB 4 years ago ( 8.1.1 ) 
She gon be a BUrd
By Guest 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
So, for those not in the know, this(and the no glasses version) is an absolutely amazing sub for Awoken Lakshmi. Unlike Skuld and Karin, who have to rely on the subpar Kamui and Amberjack to stabilize their boards, B/R Urd here instead pairs with Andromeda, an ideal Lakshmi sub in her own right. Her awakenings are worse than Awoken Karin's but, that's not much of an issue considering you will have an entire extra slot where Amberjack used to be.
Last edited by N/A 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 )
nathan@N17 in reply to Guest 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
But honestly I'd say this urd is a better saravasti sub seeing as the awakenings seem to match better and making a tpa sara team is just deadly
Guest in reply to nathan@N17 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
Trunks is indeed amazing but, recently he's fallen out of favor simply because Awoken Karin eclipses Skuld in terms of useful Awoken skills. He's still really good if you run a TPA+Row hybrid build with Blodin and he'll surely see a resurgence when Skuld gets an Ult.

2277 will probably be situationally useful for the Lock mechanic at some point. Other than that, traditional orb changers are faster, tend to produce better results, and you can plan around them by saving orbs to convert.

Ruka is not that good. Most situations where you would want her active, Andromeda, Amberjack, or Gabriel would work better since they also give you more damage dealing orbs. I guess you can say she's flexible at least.
Last edited by N/A 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 )
Guest in reply to nathan@N17 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
Well, Lakshmi and Sarasvati have a lot of overlap in their subs so I wouldn't be surprised by that. It just comes down to if you prefer a pure spike team or a hybrid spike+tank team really.
Last edited by N/A 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 )
nathan@N17 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
What about ruka and number 2277.....skuld + trunks is pretty deadly on JP side
By ed 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
This would make an ideal sub for my regular urd team
By McSizzles 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
What're you gonna do, Urd, sparkle me to death?

*puts on glasses*

By ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
I've read that some people prefer preuvo summUrd, but I think she'd work on a regulUrd team. I rolled two of them with this one, and I can't see a problem with building a team from them... I could be wrong...
Last edited by ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 )
TMNZB 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
An Urd team with King Flamie or Armored Blue Flame Knight, Nim benefits from the Blurd UVO's Attacker typing. It comes down to what team you're building for; a Blurd-led team with King Bubblie would not require evolution.
By ??@PF 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
omg must roll for this
By Jarfield 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
I'm overlooking something- what is the difference upon evolution?
weedwizard 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 

no glasses --> glasses
By nturtle 3 years ago ( 9.2.1 ) 
A sub type change and glasses. That's literally the only differences.
By SirOsis>>s 3 years ago ( 9.2.1 ) 
Is that Amy Adams from American Hustle?
By jaden 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Do you need a shirt or something.
Last edited by jaden 3 years ago ( 8.4.1 )
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