5 ★
MP 1 Cost 13
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Active: Cure
  • Recover RCV x10 HP. Bind recovery for 3 turns.
  • All attribute cards RCV x1.5 for 7 turns.
CD: 20 Turns ( 10 Turns at Lv.11 )
This card cannot be used as assist.
Heal RCV x3 as HP after every orbs elimination.
Same Skill
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
Healer Girl Series
Drop Locations for #203
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Mandrake
Pixel Zeus & Hera Descended!
Pixel Valkyrie Descended!
Pixel Zeus & Hera Descended!
Pixel Valkyrie Descended!
Pixel Zeus & Hera Descended!
Pixel Valkyrie Descended!
Descended Quest-Expert
Ancient Dragons' Mystic Realm
Other tiers of this card can be obtained from:
Sky Dragons' Domain
Legendary Dragons' Footprints
Junos Island
Mars Crater
Frozen Soil of Prosell
Vesta Cave
Tower to the Sky
Kronos Forest
Tower of Nature
Sacred Mt. Bakkes
Demeter Forest
Hera-Beorc Descended!
Legendary Green Dragon
Sky Dragon of Wood
Wind Mechdragon
Alt. Junos Island
Alt. Mars Crater
Alt. Vesta Cave
Alt. Tower to the Sky
Alt. Tower of Nature
October Quest Dungeon
September Quest Dungeon
Tree Challenge!
'20 March Quest Dungeon-Int.
Hera Challenge!
March Quest Dungeons
September Quest Dungeon-Novice to Int
'19 September Quest Dungeon-Int.
'19 April Quest Dungeon-Int
'19 August Quest Dungeon-Int
'20 October Quest Dungeon-Int
November Quest Dungeon
February Quest Dungeon
'20 October Quest Dungeon-Novice
August Quest Dungeon-Novice to Int.
'19 June Quest Dungeon-Novice
'20 November Quest Dungeon-Novice
July Quest Dungeon-Expert
Descended Challenge! 33
Descended Challenge! 30
Descended Challenge! 27
Descended Challenge! 20
Descended Challenge! 15
Descended Challenge! 12
Descended Challenge! 10
Descended Challenge! 8
Descended Challenge! 3
Descended Challenge! 1
Green Contract Dragon
Legendary Sea of Trees
Alt. Temple of Trailokya
Alt. Shrine of Blazing Woods
Alt. Shrine of Green Water
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By Michael 7 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
She is by far my most popular Pal used monster.
Wish they would hurry up with her ult though....
By scorpius 7 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
i like this anime girl because shes having so much fun on the swing :^)
By Defiance 7 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
I really like rondo of healing
By Machines 7 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
How are you suppose to level her skill up; farm a 2% drop of Dryad and hate your life for weeks? :( What I wouldn't do to have a 10 turn minimum skill on this lady right here...
Dante 7 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
I dunno if you will see this, seeing you made this comment almost a year ago. BUT... Not hard to skill up, once you get to Legendary Dragons' Footprints. It CAN be a bit time consuming, but you will see the best drop% there, even better during weekends. PLUS, it's great xp per stam, I get a lot of + eggs there, and almost everything that drops is about 4k - 5k when you feed to other critters. I am farming the heck out of all of them, getting Echidna, Archangel, Lilith, etc, all max skilled, while getting a LOT of levels for all my better critters along the way, and I rank up pretty dang fast. I'm at rank 150, and get 2 ranks a day, I'm not getting many new friends at the moment because I always spam challenge mode, but at this point, I want to get to 100 stam before I worry about much else!
CoffeeHo in reply to Dante 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I don't know if you will see this post (little joke), but your post is very helpful to me. I am ult evoing a second Alraune in wood/light and I stopped to read the posts. I am so glad I found it. Thanks.
Last edited by CoffeeHo 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 )
By kakajiang 7 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
I have a fully awoken Alraune but I can't figure out how her bind recovery awoken skill works. I matched hearts horizontally and that didn't change her bind, and when she was unbound and I matched hearts horizontally that didn't change any of the binds on any of my other monsters.
Enis-AgiNA in reply to cherry 7 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Across means a horizontal match of 6 in a straight line, also if Alraune bound, her awakenings won't work.
Last edited by Enis-AgiNA 7 years ago ( 6.5.5 )
keenan 7 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
you have to match hearts all the way across. took a while for me to figure this out as well.
cherry in reply to keenan 7 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
Sorry i am new to this so does "across" means diagonally? And will it unbind if it is the alraune that was in bind?

By Mothia 7 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
i got her from a rare pal egg and used her for leader since, but i want to know is is she worth keeping in leader ( cause of her healing affect with orbs in leader) or what, since most of my team are not near 1/2 there max lv
By trexxxxx1 7 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
I have a tamadar but it will not let me use it on her. Can I use it on her?
By Jonathan 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
i have her and im ready to evolve her but it wont let me click on her. is her ultimate not released yet in NA?
Duker 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Ultimate evos are done through power-up fusion. Make sure the text on the fusion button fades between green and yellow before you fuse!
Jonathan in reply to Duker 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Thank You. I finally evolved her when she was at lv52. Didnt even have to wait until she was lv99.
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