4 ★
MP 3000 Cost 15
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
  • Reduce 20% of all enemies' HP. Ignore enemy element and defense.
  • God & Dragon type cards ATK x3 for 1 turn.
CD: 15 Turns ( 9 Turns at Lv.7 )
This card cannot be used as assist.
All attribute cards ATK x5 when attacking with Fire, Water, Wood & Light orb types at the same time.
Same Skill
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Grayed out Japanese cards
Christmas Series
Drop Locations for #1789
This card can be obtained by:
- Event Rare Egg Machine
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By Xcadrill 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
There goes RO ACE...
Jabronie 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
4 stars... is this the first REM I hope for a grey egg?
Dr. Psaroo 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Gigas the Great m8
Sliver 6 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
-yamato takeru / Fire Sprite, Parrot
-kirin friend
Have fun
By Chrono 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
25x lead with 4 stars? DAIMN. O_O
And soo cute!
Also, dat blue sub element.
Simply perfect!

I want this even though I have an almost hypermaxed Kirin!
Dennis 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Yeah. Pretty much perfect.

Though one can still wish for a subtype, even while being happy with what we got.
Sliver 6 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
25/10 would use insane buff again
quit 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
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Stan in reply to quit 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
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Last edited by Stan 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 )
By GoStepOnLe 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
still no feet
Lord Serry 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Qilin, the mythical creatures, have hooves, so it only makes sense that their incarnation would too.
Last edited by Lord Serry 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 )
By MaxTurtle 7 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
"But I don't wanna go to school, Mommy! I want to stay home and do 25x damage with you!"
By Eskimo@PF 6 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Calling it now: Awoken Kirin gets L/B. Logic: Every other chibi's colors have matched their awoken's colors, even Haku, whose chibi colors were a bit odd, but now make sense. Well, never gonna edit this so I have proof if/when I'm right XD
By nagato 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Thats every low cost or star dungeon I hope to get either sakuya this rem may have to spend some money kn stones
By Johnny 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
I just got her with my only 5 stones LOL
Neptious 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
By Bryan@PF/r 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
That cost and rarity though. And that LS.
dc 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
I know I am asking for a lot. But why can't that cost be 12-14? Nevertheless, I am happy with the cost, dual colors, awakenings, A.S, and L.S. --> Still a good deal IMO!
By Wicked 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Rolled 7 times this Christmas hoping for a mini Ronia, but I ended up getting mini Sakuya, mini Leilan, mini Meimei, mini Karin, and mini Haku. So now I have a viable chibi team with no capital letters!
Last edited by Wicked 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 )
By AJL 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
I have 2 of these. Would they work in place of a normal Kirin as a 5x leader?
Edit: Great, a 3rd. Seems like bad luck getting a good monster so many times. I'd rather pull something for my Ronia or LMeta team.
Last edited by AJL 7 years ago ( 7.2.3 )
mid135@/r 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Yes,mini kirin woks just fine - i've just cleared the endless corrodor with it - ,but she lacks stats, and physical subtype - so using king bublie in physical sakuya team may not give you the damage you hope to achieve.
By Ruby 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
I pulled 2 of this what do i do
By Valk 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
I pulled her on my only roll. I wanted her, Karin, R. Sonia, or Haku so I am quite pleased.

Sadly the name in all lower cases makes me kinda sad and sets off my OCD about proper capitalization haha....
OwlRammer 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
lol that's the same thing I was thinking when I first saw the names <_<
By Jake 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Did anyone else think she was wearing a cat suit at first?
By Daedalus 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
I got so many sakuayas... I managed to max awaken my sakuya and skill up my Sakuya twice. Sakuya, chibi or not, is always good, but more than ten of them is a litle much.
Dante 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
And here I am waiting for a miracle
By Hero 7 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
i had two kirin, now two more chibi kirin.
guhong loves giving me double kirins.
M 6 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
By .w. 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Is it wise to hypermax it?
By terminalx 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I pulled her but would have preferred kirin, i only average like 5 combos so i only use her as a sub. I may have gotten to use to using supergirl and bastet.
By slayin 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Which is a better lead, this or Bastet? I really need to know thx
terminalx 6 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Sakuya if restricted or you really good at combos, cause with bastet if you fall short of 7 combos you still get a x2.5-3.5 for 4-6 combos. You will die easy if orb trolled with sakuya,and you can pretty much use bastet (ult) on any dungeon, even ones with no green orbs, leader skill alone makes bastet better.
mccool37 6 years ago ( 7.5 ) 
If you're talking about this version of Kirin or Bastet then Bastet hands down. This version of Kirin is mainly for those who don't have Kirin (this version would drop more from it's respective REM), those who wanted to bring her into a restrict dungeon/S-rank or novelty/collectability.
If you're comparing the standard Kirin to Bastet though then only Awoken Bastet could compare, depending of course on your orb matching ability and the dungeon.
HP-Awoken Bastet inches out Kirin with 32 more HP, the rest are a fair amount less.
ATK-W/D Bastet followed by Kirin who is slightly higher than Awoken Bastet (13 points)
RCV-All Bastets are ahead with B/L then Awoken then B/D who is one point above Kirin.

Keep in mind though, HP and RCV are secondary when dealing with a spike team like a Kirin or Bastet team. Those are mainly to help with stalling if needed.

Active-Kirin definitely has the best active skill.
Awoken Bastet comes close with the slightly extended orb movement but that only lasts one turn and the mass attack isn't much help on pretty much any higher level boss dungeons (exception is Thoth and Sopdet). The spread cats skills are probably useful throughout the dungeon but the spike damage will take out most basic.

Awoken skills-Awoken Bastet has both more and better awoken skills, then Kirin and after that it depends on whether you use TPA's or Row enhances for W/l or W/D.
Resistances are more situational (especially poison), orb enhances are nice but not really necessary (Kirin has two which again, nice but not important) and they both have a skill boost but the TPA and two orb movement enhances definitely pushes Awoken Bastet up higher.

Leader skill-Here is where the personal skill, dungeon and team composition comes in. Kirin has the highest base multiplier of 5x followed by W/D Bastet. On a turn when a skill is used Awoken Bastet now has the highest multiplier with 6x but only for wood cards. All of the Bastets have a safety net but they still require a minimum orb match that is equal to or higher than Kirin (B/L needs 4 combos at minimum and the other two need 5) but these combos are unrestricted as far as type.
Personally I would put it at a tie but objectively Awoken Bastet is slightly better because her leader skill can be used across all dungeons, orb restrict or not. This is of course dependent on your team and skill (and maybe luck) so I guess it depends.

Final note-Awoken Bastet seems overall better but with awoken Mei Mei announced, who knows what will happen with Kirin.
Last edited by mccool37 6 years ago ( 7.5 )
By JimBeam 6 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
( ͡° . ͡°)
Last edited by JimBeam 6 years ago ( 8.0.4 )
By Sliver 6 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
25/10 would use insane buff again
By terminalx 6 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
Can i get a buff on this like ronia got. Big Kirin got 3 ults now
By Andronik 6 years ago ( 8.4.1 ) 
My little sister pulled this on my phone last year. I wasn't even paying attention until she said "hey! That looks like me!" Funny enough, she does looks remarkably similar to my 5 year old sister. This card makes me think of her every time I see it
By Aetherwise 7 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
Just pulled my second one for this REM. The double dance is nice i guess, but was really hoping for a chibi ronia with those last 5 stones. It'll probably be a while before i can make a team where two of these are useful.
By ソラ「姫」 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
The name is actually Incarnation of Kirin, Mini Sakuya.
Sean 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
GungHo NA decided they would communicate "mini" with all lowercase; a little bit of subtlety that some people will never realize.
Guru 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ), no it isnt, I just pulled one for the Xmas REM...They got it correct, Except the Awokens are for US and Japan...
By Prospero 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Anyone else having a 0% success rate when fusing these cherubs with their God counterparts. I have tried kirin, karin, haku, and none have worked. No awoken no skill up. Isn't it 100% awoken when fusing monsters with same leader skill? The skill up i know is chance.
Fapple 7 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
To unlock awokens you have to use the same exact monster or it won't work.
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