God / Healer
7 ★
MP 5000 Cost 35
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
75% damage reduction for 1 turn.
CD: 11 Turns ( 8 Turns at Lv.4 )
This card can be used as assist.
ATK x1.5 at 3 combos. ATK x0.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x10 at 20 combos.
Skill Up Cards
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +281 ATK +69 RCV +96 ( Max Lv )
HP +380 ATK +94 RCV +141 ( Max Lv & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate Evolution by using
Grayed out Japanese cards
Japanese God 2 Series
Drop Locations for #1298
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Goddess of Rice Fields, Kushinada
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By Chrispy!PF 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Rice, Rice Baby!
By regi 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
I remember back in the day I kept on rerolling during the godfests, even outside of the godfest, and praying that I'd roll Kushinadahime or maybe Karin. I remember I was taking a poop at KFC's bathrooms and I thought "Meh I'll reroll right now, see what I get."

Little did I know that I would roll Kushinadahime. I yelled out of excitement and the guy who was outside the stall jumped. It was a great day.

Now, I see that she finally got her ultimate evo. I have no words. Stoked? Excited? Those words do not describe half the sensation I am feeling. Stats? Check. Awakenings? Check. Still looking cute? Check. Kushinada, thank you.
Dr. Psaroo in reply to El Niño 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
That was a crappy joke.

Poop and Kushi do not go together.
regi 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
I got Kushi's ult when it first came out. Now I user her on every team possible because of that active. <3 Kushi the true waifu
redbull 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
oh my god..i'm eating right now..and i almost chocked reading your post about making the other guy jumping from excitement haha..
El Niño 5 years ago ( 7.1.2 ) 
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By huehue 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
Kushi gets the award for having the most clothes on.
Zero 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Does she also get the award for longest name?
BESTEST 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I absolutely love that Kushinada can still be beautiful without being half-naked. Thank you for that wonderful remark, good sir.
By 真姫@BiBi 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
You finally powered up for me :')
Last edited by 真姫@BiBi 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 )
By JD@PG 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
The ONE TRUE GODDESS is back!!!!
DocTam 4 years ago ( 7.5 ) 
One True Rice God
By SolaceKane 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
my butt just puckered thinking about the damage potential... my god
By peace8579 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
So when is this coming out in NA, because I need her like water.
kandjar 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
It came out today!!! Woot!!!!
Derpatato in reply to Karu 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
More like 2-3 months if the past is any indication
Rockhound in reply to Karu 5 years ago ( 7.1.2 ) 
Screw Japan for once, we would like to have it around the same time they do!
Karu 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Given how things have been going, I'd say a little bit more than a month. JP has it good.
By Dr. Psaroo 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Glorious awakenings!

And Moltdras.
By Kapow 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
im impressed.

kushinada can dragonboat :D
By KY 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Can't wait for this to come to NA! Time to farm some Tamadra! Instead of the row enhancement, I would have preferred a bind resist awoken skill.
By El Rayo 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Dang! She is so good! I want one so bad lol. Healer teams are gonna be a problem!
By Izanami 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Dat art tho
Looks amazing
By 巨人に食われた学生 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Très bien! Now all that's left is Okiniushi's UltEvo.
By Inagaki 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
She is flawless ! And I love the time extention !
By secret 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
I'm not quite sure how I feel about the row enhance. I do not want to think about whether it would be better to make a row or two more combos. :<
BambooDude 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
With the Green Row Enhance she would be a good sub. Also with all those other awakenings
James 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
She's not a row leader. If you're leading with her, always add to the combo over adding rows. The row enhance will instead be useful when using her as a sub on other teams.
By greml1n 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
H to the E to the double L yeah.
By Griffyns 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Don't make her mad, she will take you in the back and beat you with a shovel.
By regi 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
By Tony 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Gotta love her new found awakenings. A skill boost would have been nice if anyone has her max skilled, the active can save you from pre-emptive strikes or first round double monster damage of certain dungeons.
By 「ҡμяεї」-ρԍ 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Honestly was looking forward to a balanced uvo since her stats were pretty, ehrm, balanced lol. Oh well, an uvo is an uvo, plus a time boost! 10/10 :3
By nagato 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Woot woot finally she back I need to get me 2 more green mask cause b astets getting the other one
By peace8579 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
By nathan@N17 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
I am very pleased with your treatment kushi...I like the subtype for you, I love the awakenings and the artwork
By Derpatato 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
So that's where umiyama's plus time awaken went.
By urtoast(F) 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Was expecting she'd be Balanced-type like her husband.
By ? 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
I was devoted to her from the very start. A dream come true.
By nagato 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Woot woot kush yay I knew u would becomes a healer
By Rockhound 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Finally Kushi is glorious! Time to put those green masks to use.
By quit 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Going to start +ing mine I suppose..
By greml1n 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Sad that this isn't in the 7.1.1 NA update. :/
By Rockhound 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Come out in English version already! My Evo materials can't keep waiting for you Kushi :(
By Dean 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Just got Kushi during the players choice carnival while trying to get DQXQ. I also rolled Kirin. By the time I have the team cost to use both ult evos hopefully this one will be out here in NA and I can enjoy 2 +orb times on a Kirin/Valk/Lmeta/echidna/kushi team >:)
By Andy 5 years ago ( 7.1.2 ) 
Please make this part of the next NA update!
By Chef 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
She is in NA...and she is MINE!!
By ? 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
Nooo, I promised myself that I would uvo my beloved Kushinada when she gets here but I'm missing just one green mask. :( Now until next Wednesday I'll be staring at that hypermaxed uvoed Kushinada owned by a person named "Diarrhea" in envy.

EDIT: I just got her, and I love her sooooo much! <3
Last edited by ? 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 )
Based God 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
lmao I love diarrhea's kushinadahime
By Lisa 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
Yes! Finally available in NA. Been waiting forever and now have this lovely lady on ultimate.
By Dean 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
I know which of my green monsters is getting priority now. Can't wait to put her with my Kirin and Horus teams
By kizu 4 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
Queen of Weekend Dungeon, Kushinadahime
By Albireo 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Even cuter than before! I can't wait for her to come to NA!

Although, I do wish they upped her LS to 1x per combo or even 0.75x per combo.
Last edited by Albireo 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 )
slowmo 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
.75 might just barely be acceptable but 1x per combo would be way to over powered.
even a total novice can manage 5 combos a turn if you dont have to take any colors into consideration.
白の雪の夢 in reply to Vermillion 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
...then what is the opint of having bastet........ kush start from 2 with that awoken skill will be too OP.
ELam in reply to Vermillion 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
I'd love ATK x4.5 at 6 combos. ATK x0.75 for each additional combo, up to ATK x15 at 20 combos.
Vermillion in reply to ELam 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
lol, no, just no. Why would you do that? That would stupidly break the game.
Vermillion in reply to slowmo 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Maybe alternate ult with l.skill change to the start multiplier to 2 or 2.5, that would be great.
By Based God 5 years ago ( 7.1.2 ) 
Come to america fuuuuuuuuu
Dr. Psaroo 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
She is here now
Last edited by Dr. Psaroo 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 )
By tachii 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
Has anyone ever even reached 20 combos? I think my highest was around 13-14, which was like once, in my life.
wrh1994 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
Only on weekends.
Link 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
My highest was 26 O_O
Ash in reply to Link 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
What does the orb matching even sound like after 20?
Firecat in reply to Ash 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
Ive hit a 28 before. At that point it's kind of just...screeching.
Link in reply to Ash 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
your ears dying.
rmixer187 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I reached 23 in the tri challenge dungeons but usually i get 3-8 combos :(
By Ed 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
I use her on GZL to save me from Gungtroll and then next turn the real Gungtroll hits like a brick

would she be good on an Amaterasu team or maybe I should say better used? starting to work on that

I see her being used a lot as a leader as well

quite an interesting gal!
By ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
Rolled her with Anubis and Ceres... as a noob me didn't know her capability. Can't wait to get her fully awoken now
By Dr. Psaroo 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
Imagine if her LS extended so at 30 combo you would get a 15X boost like D/D Anubis.

Useless, nearly unobtainable, and stupid but still awesome.
By redbull 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
hell yeah!..i finally got all the materials to do the ULT EVO!..i'm so happy!..
By Caliban 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
She'll beat you to death with her shovel
By cgbrandys 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
What about this team: All max skilled would be necessary, and it would require a dungeon with an easy to stall first floor:
Lead & Friend: Kushinada
So you could use Echidna's delay followed by Kushinada's active infinitely. With some good comboing it would be a build where you'd only get hit every fourth turn and for 75% reduced damage, and you could still activate huge damage with Kushi's leader skill. With enough health plus eggs it would effectively become invincible. Still it requires max skilling two Kushinada's (which you have to roll first) and three echidna's which would be a major pain. I wonder if anyone's ever done it...
DKnight 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Wouldn't work that way. Even with max level and lots of +eggs, your team would lack HP. Her active mitigates 75% of the damage but once you're up to mythical descends, there's many that have both a preemptive block on status ailments (including Echidna's Menace) and hit very very hard after a few turns or when they get low on hp.

Team simulator says that if you have a team like that with everyone max lvl with all +297 eggs on each, your total hp is 18,186. That means you can take a round of damage up to 72,743 dmg at most or you'll die. A monster like the Extreme Metal King or Heracles do 200k or more after several rounds if you don't kill them in time.
dinofeesh 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
actually i believe someone has made something similar. requires 2 kushis, one friend kushi, 3 EoTS echidnas, or even better, replace one echidna with an orochi. apparently it works on keeper of gold. and burst from kushi takes care of damage issues~

refer to below forum
By Sebcas 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I just need that one dub- mythlit to ultimate evolve this.
Is there an easier way to get them than the friday dungeon?
Freddy 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Starlight Sanctuary last level, KoG. On weekends you'll get a bunch, and occasionally during the week despite there not being a 2x drop rate for this dungeon.
By mazzafakka 4 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
does her active carry forward if you don't take a hit and sweep a floor?
By Snowlili 4 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
Susanoo is not good enough for her. I don't care what they say in mythology.
By ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 4 years ago ( 7.8.1 ) 
Perseus, you'll have to wait for your uvo...
By ? 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 ) 
The general pattern for some split-uvos is that one gets a better leader skill while the other gets more awakenings. Since this Kushi has the awakenings, the other split-uvo will get an enhanced leader skill.... any predictions?
Last edited by ? 4 years ago ( 8.0.1 )
Freddy 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
Idk though it's tough to think about what her split will be (I'm thinking she will get an Awoken version personally, as well as U&Y). I don't think gungho has created a card yet that introduces a second ult awhile after the first, then take away awakenings since it's really a backwards process. Idk what here next "form" will entail, but my money is on an awoken version that has similar dmg reduction and a haste combined for her active skill, but don't really know where she'll go from there
By good deal 4 years ago ( 8.1.1 ) 
Man, I am so glad I got her from that level 150+ roll event. She is so useful, and will be much more so after her awesome awoken ult!
By epharian 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I like flexible glad i have gotten so many of the masks for the UEVO. All from PAL cause that dungeon is stupid.
By Ed 4 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
Needs new ulti god/attacker something like Drunken Warrior Goddess Kushi with two tpa awakenings and she needed it yesterday
By Mythrill 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
By Link 5 years ago ( 7.2.1 ) 
*Spams pal egg machine for masks*
*out comes a gold egg*
*It looks green...*
*gets a divine jade mask*
Last edited by Link 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 )
Ash 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
*40 pal egg rolls
*Rare evo materials at pal egg machine
*One rare blue mask
*39 green and striped eggs
Stupid 5 years ago ( 7.2.2 ) 
By Wilson 5 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
(/゚Д゚)/ All hail Queen Kushinada (/゚Д゚)/


Sadly to say, now that Bastet has her devil evo I think Kushinada is outclassed as a
*leader* now.

1. Bastet needs 8x combos to reach 20.25 while Kushinada needs 9x
2. To beat Bastet you would need 10x combo but you might as well use Anubis.

Anything under 8 is lack-luster compared to the 4x double leader setup.
Note I said leader, as a sub shes awesome.
Last edited by Wilson 5 years ago ( 7.1.1 )
? 5 years ago ( 7.1.2 ) 
While Bastet and Anubis have better multipliers per combo, Kushi's is much, much safer than Anubis's 10 combo and can surpass Bastet's above 9 combos. Not many people can constantly active Anubis's LS but Kushi's will always work above 3 combos and can go beyond just 20.25x if you're lucky.

She does function very well as a sub with her great awoken skills and a wonderful panic button of an active skill.
By nturtle 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Can someone please explain to me how this card isn't completely useless? When was the last time you got a 20 combo? I think I've gotten maybe 3 or 4 in over 2 years. WTF do I do with this card?

You need an 8x combo just to get 4x attack? There's tons of better cards than that, and the active is almost pointless. The only not terrible thing about this card are the awokens, and even they aren't that good. Seriously, someone explain why this is in any way a good card.
Last edited by nturtle 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 )
Cherylene 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Before evening jumping into the Kushinadahime appreciation, let me just say that Kushinadahime is a great leader to train yourself to make combos. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to consistent do 6-7 combo, so around 3x to 3.5x.

Now, the true power of Kushinadahime lies in her amazing versatility, in almost every aspect: leader, subs, being a sub, colors, damage, strategy... the list goes on.

You can pair her with another combo leader (another Kushi, Bastet, Okuninushi, etc) and be rewarded for making combos. Being combo-based and not color based, you can put any subs with her to suit the dungeon you need. Need to delay? Bring Echidna. Need more time to make combos? Bring Yomi. Want to focus on damage? Bring a heartbreaker. Fire-heavy dungeon? Put a whole bunch of blue subs and let them do the attacking. Oh and she's the queen of tri-color dungeons, no discussion required.

You can pair her with a rainbow god (Horus, Ra, DQXQ, Kirin) to form a conditional color team. If you fail to get the colors you need, you will still have Kushi's combo bonus safety net, or use her active as a panic button to get you out of orb troll. This can also be advantageous in some dungeons where you need to stall, and a full-blown double Horus 25x will instantly might instantly clear the floor. Purposely using a small multiplier could help you keep all but 1 mob alive so you can stall. And yes, compared to Horus/DQXQ, you will need up to 8 combo vs the minimal 4, but she is not all-or-nothing. Even if you fail to hit all the colors, she is still there to catch your fall.

She is also a great mono-green leader. Pair her with Parvati, Artemis, Frejya, or Michael depending on your HP/Atk/RCV needs, and use Kushi as your attack power driver. You can also build a healer team, and you can throw in a Shynee or Sun Quan for extra burst damage. Remember, you are complete flexible in what subs to bring.

And I'm going to circle back to her active: it is an absolute lifesaver. Assuming your team has around 15k HP. If you activate her active, you can take a hit of 60k and still come out alive, giving you an extra turn to pull off another attack.

Bottom line is, there really is not wrong way to use Kushinadahime.
nturtle in reply to Cherylene 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I appreciate the knowledge drop. I'll try leveling her a bit, and worst comes to worse she's a good filler for my wood team.

I'm so behind in leveling right now though, she'll have to wait patiently until Lu Bu, DXQX, and Athena get to 99.
? 4 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Don't chu talk 'bout my girl that way, she's amazing in every way possible. Like Cherylene said, she's super flexible and pairs with any other combo leader, including herself.

Now I used to get confused about who to use her with, Herself, Bastet, Okuninushi, or Anubis? It depends on the dungeon.

I pair Kushi with herself for tricolors and no-RCV dungeon because it's super easy on combo-ing and skyfalls. The two shields they have will be absolute lifesavers if you need time for a better board.

Bastet, either G/L or G/D for regular dungeons. G/L has type synergy but G/D has a better leader skill. It depends on what you throw on the team. Their active boosts green attributes, so it'll boost Kushi's attack too.

Okuninushi is pretty good if I need HP to survive, and that delay skill is pretty nice too. He also boosts RCV by 1.35 for all dark types in your team.

D/L Anubis is a difficult one, but I use him for the more difficult dungeons. It's definitely not easy getting 10x, or even 7x from him, but it's sure to take at least a huge chunk of the boss's HP away when you do.

So why not pair Anubis with himself (assuming you can make the combos)? Well on the earlier floors, you'll definitely need some damage to kill off the minions, and Kushi's 3.5x may do the job. Pair with Bastet? Her active won't save you like Kushi's will. Okuninushi's a viable pairing but it's much safer to go with Kushi. Plus, Oku + Anubis will only reach to 40x at 10 combos, Kushi + Anubis will hit 50x at 10, 55x at 11, and so on.

Hope you'll take this into consideration.
Jayhawker 4 years ago ( 8.0.4 ) 
I just had 10 stones sitting around and figured I'd throw them into the Forest Gala for grins and giggles. Ended up pulling her, and looked at the leader skill and thought almost the exact same thing as you. But upon reading the other responses, it makes sense that she can become very powerful, with all that utility as well. Something that I don't think was covered at all, in terms of her utility, is that since it doesn't really matter who the sub is or what type. So you will be doing more damage per combo than someone who is limited to what they can use as viable subs. Imagine throwing Athena in here, if you can get her TPA to activate with a 10 combo (assuming dual leader) you would be putting out a massive amount of damage. Of course this relies on your ability to match orbs. I can see this being a great leader if you are serious about the game and take the time to map out your moves. Me on the other hand, I consider myself more of a casual player, as soon as the last move is done, I'm starting my next one without even looking at the board. I might have to experiment with this on Endless Corridors to see if this is something I would even want to consider using.

It's all about your play style, everyone's is different. I like running dual ronia's due to the fact that I don't need to map every little thing out. If I take a hit, I match 3 heart orbs and I'm back to full health, it's easy. Same thing with the dual GZL team, team is filled with 10 wood main TPA's with all attackers. It puts out absolutely sick damage for just a single 4 orb match, use off color to get rid of trash while I stash the good stuff at the bottom ready for a big burst.

Just experiment with what you do, who knows, maybe you will learn to love Kushi, you just need to learn to play her. Just remember that this game is all about strategy :)
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