7 ★
MP 6000 Cost 20
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
  • Light attribute ATK x3 for 1 turn.
  • Change Heart orbs to Light orbs.
CD: 15 Turns ( 11 Turns at Lv.5 )
This card can be used as assist.
Leader: Purin Egg
50% RCV reduction and all attribute cards ATK x3.5.
Same Skill
Assist Bonus Stat
HP +550 ATK +78 RCV +17 ( Max Lv )
HP +649 ATK +102 RCV +62 ( Max Lv & +297 )
HP +787 ATK +122 RCV +66 ( Lv 110 & +297 )
Applicable Killer Latents
Awoken Skills
Super Awoken Skills
( Random 1 of 3 )
Ultimate Evolution
Reverse Ultimate and Assist Evolution by using:
Grayed out Japanese cards
Hello Kitty Collab Series
Drop Locations for #1163
This card can be obtained by:
- Evolution from Pompompurin
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By 【chiuchiu】 6 years ago ( 6.3.1 ) 
Anyone else read the active skill name wrong?
Wroclai 6 years ago ( 6.4.4 ) 
No, but now I can't not.
Anon 6 years ago ( 6.5.2 ) 
Did they change its name? I feel as if it's different from when you first said this. In fact, I remember it being something else.
DEBT in reply to Anon 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
It was Pom Princess before
By Bleye 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
Holy crap this monster is way OP. I -need- this.
C 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
Dat leader skill... Totally worth it
kai@HNL 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
also his active skill is also very use full. and if that aint enough throw in 2x resist bind awoks. i wish i got him. i pulled my melody(not complaining cuz shes a one of my fav from this collab)
just not OP like this doggie/tamadra hybrid mutant.
By urtoast(F) 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
3.5x atk to all monsters at the cost of 50% rcv vs Satan's 3.5x atk only to devil type and having to deal with his massively effed-up negative 9999 rcv. Hmmmmm. Hello Kitty World Collab FOR THE WIN!
Yoloswag 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
But Satan DOES have the highest HP in the game so far (I think). I Honestly don't know if there are teams that people use with this instead of Satan. Plus this guy is a light type and..... Light types don't really get much love (Except Zeus and maybe Valkyrie)

Stan in reply to Yoloswag 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
nathan@N17 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Yeah but satan has rows..and rows...and rows. So his attack is definitely way higher than 3.5. Devil teams are a powerhouse right now.....THOUGH, I still think this dude is insanely powerful and I would love to have him
Wroclai in reply to Stan 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Right. It's a good alternative to a physical team. Something like: Kirin, Athena, Apollo, LMeta and Purin. 50x burst is nothing to scoff at. Plus, bind recovery.
Momo in reply to nathan@N17 5 years ago ( 7.8.1 ) 
* whynotboth.gif *

You could make Satan a sub on a team with these guys as leaders. They're completely unbindable when completely awoken.
By pikachu@pf 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
man i wish the hello kitty rem was still here. i really want this. i had so underestimated the collab before and now i regret it...
By Wroclai 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
We need this collab to come back around. Not nearly enough Purin friends out there.
By Guest 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Two words: Ou Pee.
By Red 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
Looking back on this I feel that I should have done the Hello Kitty machine even if the chances to get this guy were less than 5%.
By MDK 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Wow this guy is so misleading. Def OP. N i thought that hello kitty REM was a joke. Smh.Felling stupid.
By MDK 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Imma ult evo my tama into this guy!
By nathan@N17 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
Imagine max skilling this guy.......horrible
Wroclai 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Possible now that we're getting universal skill up fodder. I can't think of a better use for it.
antinome in reply to Wroclai 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
I also considered Valkitty, Superman, and Supergirl but ultimately I decided to do him first. 4/5.. just... one.... more.
By James 5 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
the only "Tamadra" with no star shadow.
By Yoloswag 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
Was feeling lucky today after i rolled the pal egg machine and got a gigas. I felt confident, rolled the hello kitty machine, and got this... I feel SO lucky right now
Isolated 6 years ago ( 6.3.0 ) 
no what quiet i spent 25 stones today during the godfest and midnight gala for all terrible common monsters im always soooo unlucky with the REM
Rubicari in reply to Isolated 6 years ago ( 6.4.4 ) 
Same thing happened to me this last Godfest. 25 friggin stones I had saved, and nothing but monsters I already had, & not 1 god. Wished I hadn't skipped this collab, this monster would've been great.
By -Striku- 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
The destroyer of Gaia, Tengu, and Draggie
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