Enhance Material
5 ★
MP 1 Cost 13
 *1 Experience gain bonus from same element
 *2 Weighted Stat: HP / 10 + ATK / 5 + RCV / 3
Active: Holy Gift
Inflict Light damage equal to ATK x30 to 1 enemy. Affected by enemy element and defense.
CD: 13 Turns ( 13 Turns at Lv.1 )
This card cannot be used as assist.
Light attribute cards HP x2, RCV x2.
Same Skill
Grayed out Japanese cards
Snow Dome Dragon Series
Drop Locations for #1005
This card can be obtained by:
Event Dungeon (Light)
Super Snow Globe Rush!
2,000 Day Anniversary
Gleaming Sky's Contest
7th Anniversary Appreciation
7th Anniversary Challenge
P&D Pass Memorial Challenge!
7th Anniversary Challenge
P&D Pass Memorial Challenge!
7th Anniversary Challenge
Weekend Challenge! 4
Weekend Challenge! 6
P&D Pass Memorial Challenge!
Snow Globe Rush!
Multiplayer Gleaming Sky's Contest
Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues
Ultimate Arena
Other tiers of this card can be obtained from:
Christmas Dungeon
Lavish Offering
Event Gift Dungeon! (Lil' Snow Globe)
Special Event Score Challenge!
Ultimate Dragon Research Hall
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By Ditchwater 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Feed it random fodder to get it to level 50 (only takes 265,165 exp), then feed it to a light monster for 1.5 million experience. That would instantly put a level one Amaterasu Ohkami at level 67 or a level one Voice of God, Metatron at level 61. I don't think there's a better return on investment for white cards, so choose carefully and don't waste the opportunity.
TAxels 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
on the topic of Ama it has to be at lvl 82 and some change to max it to 99 when you feed this to it
ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 5 years ago ( 7.5 ) 
Seeing that Godin's secondary is light, would I get the maximum from it, and does the snow globe need to be maxed out to get the full result of xp on a light monster?

Than2lks. =)
Axis in reply to ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
When feeding, matching the sub-element does not give you the exp bonus.
The primary elements of both monsters have to match.
Last edited by Axis 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 )
-Striku- 6 years ago ( 6.5.5 ) 
You know what else is nice? When u fuse a snow globe dragon, you get a chance of getting more xp by either "great" (2250000 xp) or super (3000000 xp)
Ndasuunye 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
Hell just evolving your Present egg to Snow Globe Lvl 1 is an investment. Such a powerful monster right off the jump. I'm not even sure if I'll even use it for enhancement once I reach max.
By Blaise 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Yessssssssss! You have finally arrived my 3 million base with possible 6 million xp tree ornament! And so begins the slaughter of all the globe dragons I have been hoarding in preparation for this event, may they find peace in the bellies of my other monsters.
By RedBaron 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Definitely going for this one, since (king) metal dragons are so common.

Also, weird that inside the globe, the dark and light ones have toy dragons, but the r/b/g ones had starters..
Red 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Well the r/g/b ones were based off what starter you chose while this one isn't so that's probably why.
By SuperBug 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
Leader skill is very useful if you don't already have a mulitplier. It's 2x Light Att. Hp & RCV. Need to update that info!
Dennis 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Use with Manekimewdra. Never die.
Last edited by Dennis 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 )
nathan@N17 in reply to Dennis 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
Doesn't he only have 1 recovery though?..........
By Niernen 6 years ago ( 6.4.2 ) 
Ah, I wish it didn't need a dragon fruit to evo. They rarely drop from Thursday dungeons.
Ndasuunye in reply to Boss 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
These are the types of situations where one wished they could trade.
Boss 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
i honestly get dragon fruits way too often, what i really want though are the dragon plants for my pengdras
Alisha in reply to Boss 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
Same, Boss.
By Nibbler323 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
I got so lucky getting x2 feeding it to Awoken Zues. He went from lvl 23 to lvl 89 :) I got sooooooo lucky.
By Tzivya 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
Why can't I add this one to my collection?
By Squatta 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
I still haven't made the decision to whether or not I want to keep this monster or feed it to one of my other light monsters. The 1.5 mill exp is really tempting, but I can see this monster being useful. Although I haven't really used it since I've gotten it, so maybe I'll make the decision once I get it max leveled.
By kio 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
i keep on getting this guy on celestial gift days
By Hvylia 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
For some reason snow globe dragons blanc and noir does not appear on list when searching for friend. Would be nice to use them in low cost 4x hp/rcv team.
By skidmark 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
When I try evo this egg, the game says I am need an Amelit, not a Topalit as shown above.
I'll just have to get an Amelit (no big deal), it just seemed odd.
TAxels 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
the type of -lit determines the type of Snow Globe Dragon the Present Egg evolves into.
By Britni 6 years ago ( 7.1.1 ) 
Does it do anything "special" when you use snow globe dragons as power-up material for the dragons pictured inside the globes????
eric-chan 5 years ago ( 7.2.3 ) 
I don't think it does anything special :)
nathan@N17 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
Look at brachys new ultimate, that's what it does
By car1188 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
am i reading this right 3 mil now?
ASuislide 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
Yes, it updated this week. I got a Super this morning on my Rodin for 6mil exp... most of it wasted of course but the bonus did get him to 99 at least.
By Deviatorz 5 years ago ( 7.3.0 ) 
you guys think its worth it to snow globe athena awoken from lv 1?
Eau Know 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
I don't use snow globes on anything but low level 5 mil curve monsters of save attribute

No matter how much I would like to use it on someone else. I just don't want to kick myself in the face if I actually get that GREAT or SUPER!! and then have to think about how I didn't even need that extra 2.5 million exp or something So i would say definitely a yes to a low level awoken athena...

If not for my 5 million growth curve rule... I would still be deciding who to feed it to amongst

light kali, second apocalypse, second light zhuge liang, first zhuge liang (at level 51 so still technically worth it, but wouldn't need a great or super), raphael, amaterasu, princess valkyrie, kirin, arcline, apollo, second (well technically 7th :P) light metatron, indra, thor, athena, dragon rider arthur, or ganesha. Lol

I'm pretty sure I decided on Lkali just because of her awoken skills and how many other teams she will fit on as a sub on top of a great leader also. But all of these light monsters are so hungry and every one listed has a team or two waiting for them lol
By ŞŦΔŘĐΔŦ€ 5 years ago ( 7.5 ) 
Upon feeding to other light monster, does this guy need to be maxed to get the best results?
Guest 5 years ago ( 7.5 ) 
Yes at max he will give 3 million to a light monster and 2 million to any off color all for the low low price of 265,165..!
By LotusOne 5 years ago ( 7.5.1 ) 
Would it be possible to add these to the exp feed for each monster? I'm thinking that to get any monster from 1 to 99 you would probably need about 3 (2.5)
By Ronaldo 3 years ago ( 12.0.3 ) 
OK, I just fused this to my clever egg and received SUPER, and almost 9 million xp! Went from ~102k to 9,085,794
By Xavier 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
WANTED: A friend who is going to keep this.

I'm attempting to make a pretty awesome team with this as my leader. Problem is not enough people keep it. If anyone has one and will keep it, message me. I want yo try some new teams out. Currently im level 220 and usually have my red sonia or my D/L Tsukuyomi as my lead. Thanks to anyone that may be lookingfor a friend with this lead as well!

also I have a maxed catwomen I use on the weekends and a maxed flame chasrr I use during the limited cost dungeons to help out

my #332,567,290
Last edited by Xavier 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 )
andy boy 6 years ago ( 6.4.3 ) 
raphael is better same leader skill just better stats
Hvylia 6 years ago ( 6.4.5 ) 
I'm going to keep him... For a while at least
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