Dungeon Information

4MM Celebration
Stamina: 10    Battles: 1
Coins: 80 - 80( 8 / Stamina )
Exp: 44 - 80( 7 / Stamina )
Orbs Allow:
This dungeon can only be cleared once.
You can determine the element of the Present Box by what skills it uses. Each Present Box has two skills, the first is "Wait and See" which is shared among all box elements. The second skill is unique between the box elements. If you run the turn counter by not matching any orbs, you can figure out what element will drop. You can use this information to kill the monster, or leave the dungeon and try for a different element ( at the cost of 10 stamina ).
This dungeon can only be cleared once.
Random 1 will appear
Take this clawsome attack! 1 x
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Very Rare