Dungeon Information

DPS Check Lv10 - No Active Skills
Stamina: 25    Battles: 1
Coins: --
Exp: --
Orbs Allow:
ATTENTION: No Continue; Active skills will be disabled
This dungeon uses the following preset team:
- Sub dungeon may be attempted in any order. ( Does not apply to One-shot Challenges )
- The gift awarded is based on the sub dungeon completed.
- Dungeon rewards are only granted once per level, regardless of the number of times completed.
Star Poetry Countdown ( -75% Damage 10 Turns )
Dream Eater 3 x non
Splitting Stars 3 x non

- [Snip Snip] when 6c or above
- [Cutting the Thread of Life] on and after 10th turn
Avatar Border
Very Rare